Best All Wood Blade Table Tennis in 2023 (Reviews)

If you are looking for the best all wood blade table tennis, then you need to consider a few factors such as your budget, size, shape, and type of table. All wood blade table tennis is one of the best tennis table choices if you are considering buying it as a gift for someone else or for yourself.

It has a classic look that gives a good impression to any table tennis player. However, if you want to be a professional table tennis player, then you need to choose a proper table tennis set with wooden sticks.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best wooden table tennis set for home or a small space, then you can choose a smaller sized table tennis set. In order to choose the right all wood blade table tennis, you should keep in mind certain things.

Best All Wood Blade Table Tennis for the Money

1) Butterfly Maze Advance Table Tennis Blade


Size: One size

Material: Wood

Color: Natural

Skill: Professional

Sport Type: ‎Ping Pong, Table Tennis

Butterfly Maze Advance Table Tennis Blade

There are many different styles of table tennis paddle, but when it comes to the shape of the tip, there really is no such thing as too extreme. If you play to your own level of comfort, we recommend trying the Butterfly Maze Advance.

They are designed to be versatile to players of all ages and abilities.

First off, they are made out of high-grade wood, which allows them to perform perfectly at all times. The handles are also made of rubber so they feel comfortable, and the paddles themselves have the right thickness of wood.

But there are other characteristics of this paddle that make it stand out: The paddles are 5 ply in their construction, which increases the spin and responsiveness of the blade. These paddles are ideal for players who prefer the use of spin in their game.

One of the main advantages of this table tennis paddle is that it makes spin a lot easier to execute. Players can get the ball to do the work for them with the addition of spin, and this makes the ball go in a lot straighter and much more smoothly.

These paddles are also fairly easy to control. They are designed to be comfortable for use for long sessions, and the grips also prevent hand cramps.

The Butterfly Maze paddles have the added bonus of being able to be used on both sides, which means players can switch it up between shots and matches, while still maintaining the same feeling.

Overall, the Butterfly Maze paddles have all the right characteristics to take your game to the next level. We recommend picking them up today!

2) Butterfly Nakama P7 Pen Hold All Wood Blade


BLADE: Pen hold grip

2 Poly Balls: 2-40+ poly balls are included

Rubber: Wakaba 1.9mm Red

Spin: 59.5

Control: 84.5

Butterfly Nakama P7 Pen Hold All Wood Blade

Butterfly Nakama P7 Japanese Pen hold Table Tennis Racket is a high quality racket that is made with top quality materials.

It’s constructed of 5 layers of wood, which offers a softer feel at impact as it will flex slightly and ‘hold’ the ball a bit longer than blades made with a reinforcing material such as carbon fiber. It’s a great choice for intermediate level players.

The rubber on this racket is made of the best quality available on the market today. This is the most expensive rubber available on the market, but it is worth every penny.

The blade is painted black on both sides to provide for a consistent feel between the forehand and backhand strokes. However the bat is also great for beginners since it isn’t overly heavy. I would highly recommend this to anyone starting out in the game.

It is assembled with a glue that keeps the rubber permanently attached to the wood for the life of the racket. You cannot upgrade this rubber, but if you do not want to keep the rubber permanently attached to the wood, the Pro-Line model offers this option.

This is the only world-class rubber for the Japanese style of play.

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How to use it?

This racket will take some practice to use, but after about a month, you will notice a difference in your game. This racket is made from wood, so it will need to be washed and dried after every session.

3) Butterfly SK7 Classic Table Tennis Blade


Vibration: 9.3

Plies: 7W

Weight: ~91 g

Blade Thickness: 6.8

Blade Size: 157×150 mm

FL Handle Size: 100×25 mm

ST Handle Size: 100×23 mm

Butterfly SK7 Classic Table Tennis Blade

As a professional player I’ve tried plenty of table tennis blades over the years, and I have to say that the Butterfly SK7 is in a league of its own. It’s incredibly flexible and responds very quickly to the player’s needs.

It’s very light and easy to swing, and feels comfortable when you’re holding it right at the top. The handle is very solid and the racket doesn’t seem to wobble when you’re hitting balls with the blade.

Despite this, the blade feels great when it’s sliding past the ball, and once it gets close to the table, you can see how it gives the shot extra power. It’s a brilliant table tennis blade, and I highly recommend it.

A traditional wood feel gives players the confidence to execute delicate shots as well as powerful attacks. Butterfly Rozena and Roundell rubber model lines provide controllable power and high levels of spin to players transitioning to their first High Tension rubber.

With a tacky top sheet and a harder version of Butterfly Spring Sponge X, players can generate unbelievable spin with the new technology. To add more grip to this blade, you can get the Soft Grip Tape, providing grip and comfort to the racket handle.

Another great choice to extend the longevity of your racket is adding side tape to the blade, protecting the wood in the event it is hit on the table.

4) Butterfly TB5 FL Table Tennis Blade


Vibration: 9.9

Plies: 5W

Weight: ~86 g

Blade Thickness: 6.4 mm

Blade Size: 154 mm x 148 mm FL

Handle Size: 102 mm x 26 mm

Butterfly TB5 FL Table Tennis Blade

This is a nice table tennis racket with a decent blade to help you get a strong grip and increase your power.

The TB5 is a pretty small frame for its size, measuring only 14 cm wide. This means that it’s quite light for its size. Its grip is fairly large, and it feels quite comfortable and easy to grip.

You won’t need to change out the grip very often either. Its handle is quite smooth, and the handle seems to stay in place without slipping. The overall build quality is pretty decent, and the strings are all of good quality.

One drawback is the fact that it doesn’t come with a bag to store it in. However, this is to be expected when you’re spending $150. It would be nice to get a bag included, especially if you play on occasion. It does have a good return policy, though.

It’s hard to beat the price of this table tennis racket though, even if the quality isn’t top-notch.

Overall, I recommend this table tennis racket if you’re looking to step up your game. It’s reasonably priced, and offers good performance, especially for its size.

5) Butterfly Hadraw JPV-R Table Tennis Blade 


Reaction: 11.4

Vibration: 10.7

Plies: 5W

Blade Thickness: 7.1 mm

Blade Size: 161×141 mm

Handle Size: 92×21 mm

Butterfly Hadraw JPV-R Table Tennis Blade

A very versatile blade that covers all aspects of the game, suitable for players of all ages. It’s designed to give you the ultimate combination of power, spin, control, and comfort.

It has a 5-ply construction that provides plenty of flex, and this makes the paddle handle feel solid and secure.

Butterfly’s high tension rubber also helps you to create higher speeds, and it gives you more durability, making it a powerful weapon in a tight rally.

You get all these features in a single blade, and the quality of the material ensures that you can expect the same quality of performance over the long run.

You get to choose between Roundell Soft and Bryce High Speed to get the best performance for the right game. For the highest level of performance, you should stick to the Roundell Soft rubber to get an edge.

Unlike other table tennis wood blade, this specially has a top sheet gives a tacky feel that makes it comfortable and easy to handle, while its softer version of the Butterfly Spring Sponge X adds spin and speed.

It’s easy to use in a variety of situations and is a great tool for all-round play.

6) Butterfly Petr Korbel Table Tennis Blade 


Brand: Butterfly

Material: Wood

Skill: Professional

Frame Material: Wood

Size: One size

Butterfly Petr Korbel Table Tennis Blade 

Nalgene is a premium brand name which means you know you are getting quality stuff here.

The Nalgene bottle is a high-quality product which is tough and flexible. It is made out of thick, durable plastic which keeps it lightweight and portable. I’ve used this bottle for years now and it has lasted me through many a trip, picnic and camping trip.

It comes in different sizes and shapes, with sizes ranging from 500ml to 4L. However the 500ml size is the standard one which I use for my daily needs. Therefore, with this, you can easily fill up my water bottle from my kitchen tap and it does a fine job.

For the price, the Nalgene bottle is a great purchase. It’s great for me as I can easily take it to work, to the park, or anywhere else where I’ll need to pack some water. With every piece of equipment I have ever bought from Butterfly, it has performed flawlessly. The Petr Korbel Table Tennis Blade is no exception.

However, it is a great wooden blade that will handle looping and strong drives. The wooden material is dense and has excellent response time. For looping, the edge shape works really well for me because it feels more stable.

The handle is made from wood, and is a little heavy. It fits my hand nicely. I love the way the shaft feels in my hand and is a good size. Also, the shaft feels really solid, and feels like it’s going to be able to take a lot of abuse. I don’t feel like it’s going to get loose or come apart on me, which is always a good sign.

Overall, the Petr Korbel tennis blade is a good all-around wooden blade. It’s great for both looping and driving. It doesn’t break the bank either.

Wood Blades vs Carbon Table Tennis Blades

Table tennis is a sport that involves hitting a ball with a special stick. It’s one of the fastest sports, especially the one that requires the highest skill. The table tennis game is a game that involves skill and requires the player to have great agility.

There are various games that you can play and compete with different players.

Comparison between Wood Blades vs Carbon Table Tennis Blades

There are different table tennis sticks you can use to play.

Wood Blades

The wooden stick is the best option because it is a very effective tool. It provides enough power to strike the ball hard and can be used for long periods of time.

Carbon Blades

On the other hand, carbon blades are made of aluminum that can be used for a short period of time.

What Is The Best Between Wood Blades Vs Carbon Blades?

Therefore, if you want to hit the ball as far as possible, you can use wooden table tennis sticks. If you are going to hit the ball at close distances, you can use carbon table tennis blades. The wooden table tennis stick can be bought online and shipped in a timely manner.


What are the top all wood blades?

There are three types of wood blades that we recommend here – Butterfly SK7 Classic Table Tennis Blade, Butterfly Maze Table Tennis Blade, and Butterfly Nakama P7 Penhold All Wood Blade.

Which wood is best for table tennis?

Wooden table tennis tables are also better at keeping your game fun, and can handle lots of use without deteriorating too much.

What is the fastest table tennis blade?

For faster swing speeds, a faster table tennis blade is best for beginners. For better control and for greater accuracy, you should use a slower blade. The best blade for beginners is the Butterfly Petr Korbel Table Tennis Blade, while the best for the experts is the Butterfly SK7 Classic Table Blade.

Charlotte Ava is a writer who grew up in America and now resides in Alaska. Her hobbies include ping pong and gaming, and she has a particular interest in table tennis. Charlotte is a recreational player who loves the game for its social aspects and competitive nature.

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