Best Outdoor Shuffleboard Tables

Top 5 Best Outdoor Shuffleboard Tables for Fun and Entertainment

Recreation for fun and excitement is undoubtedly the best way to play shuffleboard games. Playing shuffleboard on a cruise ship or resort vacation with the best shuffleboard tables is a most valuable experience than ever before. 

However, you can also play with the best shuffleboard outside because now, the best outdoor shuffleboard tables are available in the market. They all come with attractive, innovative features. So that it can enhance the appearance of shuffleboard courts; you do not need to stop your game; you can play longer and compete in national and international tournaments. 

Our hunt for the best and ultimate shuffleboard tables ends on the below discussed five shuffleboard tables. These tables are the best ones to choose from with appreciable length and width and can cover enough space in the courts than their competitors.

List of Best Shuffleboard Tables

Playcraft Extera 12' Outdoor shuffleboard table
Playcraft Extera Outdoor Shuffleboard Table
  • The Brand is Playcraft
  • Aluminum material is used to create this table
  • Size is 12 ft
  • Large leg levers
  • 1 year warranty
Hathaway Crestline 12-Ft Shuffleboard
Hathaway Crestline 12-Ft Shuffleboard
  • The Brand is Hathaway
  • Aluminum material is used to make this table
  • Size is 12 ft
  • Gloss white cabinet for handsome look
  • 1 year warranty
Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table
Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table
  • The Brand is Barrington Billiards
  • Plastic material is used to build this table
  • Size is 9 ft
  • Reliable A-style leg construction
  • 90 days warranty

Best Outdoor Shuffleboard Tables

1# Playcraft Extera 12′ Outdoor Shuffleboard Table

Product Rating 9.8

Playcraft Extera 12' Outdoor Shuffleboard Table 

Playcraft is a quality shuffleboard table with a classic design with a hardwood top in white color. The thickness of the table is 1 ¾ is a perfect option to play, especially for the multiple coats of satin polyethylene, as this creates an even and smooth playing surface to get the fun and excitement during the gameplay. The shuffleboard table has all the necessary accessories, including pucks and wax climatic adjusters, to keep the table well. 

Moreover, the play craft is liked by beginners to professional players because the table has a rich espresso finish and leg levelers with a unique brass/bronze finish that makes it different from all other models. However, the levelers of this shuffleboard table work to compensate for the table’s adjustment on the sloped and uneven floors.

The table is designed like a butcher block with multiple layers of wood and glue around the table’s edges to add strength and durability.

  • Smooth finish
  • Climatic adjusters
  • Durable 
  • Stylish appearance
  • High-quality materials
  • Heavier model
  • Coated in lacquer

Product Verdict

The play craft is one of the best overall, editor’s choice, and top-rated tables due to the innovative and valuable features like climatic adjusters, table accessories, pucks, wax, antique brass finish, and leg levelers to create the best level of gameplay.

What is the function of the built-in rail in play craft?

The function of the built-in rail in the play craft shuffleboard is to absorb the shocks caused by the hitting of the pucks and prevent scratches and other types of damage.

2# American Legend Brookdale 9’ LED Light Up

Product Rating 8.3

American Legend Brookdale 9’ LED Light Up 

The American legend Brookdale is a two-in-one LED light-up shuffleboard table that combines two beloved and exciting games. The table with turnbuckle accents is a great addition to its classic look, while the LED light rails are a big compliment for the fun and excitement and give you an arcade feel while playing.

However, this shuffleboard table impresses us with its multifaceted table that used to play two different gameplays. The table has an AC adapter for LED lighting, a pinsetter, and 10 bowling pins. Plus, the pinsetter surrounds the table to prevent the pins from falling off the table for bowling and has eight shuffleboard pucks in two different colors for classic gameplay.

Furthermore, the Brookdale comes in a classic rustic grain finish with black carpeted gutters, angled legs, and turnbuckle accents with a big and elegant appearance. This shuffleboard table is the perfect one to play shuffleboard and comes with a full bonus bowling game set that allows you to play two games on one table.

Besides, the table has a shuffleboard powder in the accessory kit to promote fast action, and in rail lighting system allows exciting gameplay while lights are off. Moreover, manual abacus scorers make scoring and tracking the record of victories easy. 

  • 2 games in one table
  • Smooth and gliding gameplay
  • Classic game experience 
  • Fast action
  • Full bonus bowling
  • Reduced friction
  • Limited warranty

Product Verdict

The American Brookdale is one of the best tables for playing two in one game. Besides, it is a rustic wood cabinet with carpeted gutters and strong angled legs with turnbuckle accents to offer a high level of power. With its contemporary appeal and unique appearance and is a perfect option for bars, hotels and resorts, and community centers.

What is the regular size of the American Brookdale shuffleboard table?

The regular size of the American Brookdale shuffleboard table ranges from 9 to 22 feet in length, 16 to 20 inches in thickness, and the depth of the table ranges from 1.5 inches to 3 inches.

3# Hathaway Crestline 12-Ft Table

Product Rating 9.1

Hathaway Crestline 12-Ft Table

You can enjoy hours of fun and competition in the great outdoors which the innovative and versatile Crestline shuffleboard table. The table is engineered and designed with outstanding wood to withstand the outdoor elements. Also, it has a crafted cabinet with strong and sturdy aluminum features, a 1.25-inch waterproof composite glide playfield with supported tubular legs, cross truss beams, and 6 inches adjustable levelers. These levelers are best used to anchor the table in place firmly.

Furthermore, the shuffleboard comes with a bright blue waterproof, ultraviolet interior wall and carpeted gutter cloth to reduce the table noise. While playing, it is a good addition to add style, protection, and color.

The Hathaway table is equipped with 8 regular shuffleboard pucks in 4 red and 4 blue, with abacus Deluxe scorers, surface wax, and a fitted cover that can protect the shuffleboard table for long-lasting use. The Hathaway shuffleboard has a one-year limited warranty from the company.  

  • Durable
  • Stylish look
  • Perfect for indoor and outdoor use 
  • Best quality made
  • Withstand the weather
  • Limited one-year warranty

Product Verdict

Hathaway is undoubtedly the best option for indoor and outdoor games, as you can enjoy responsive and accurate action. However, You can play smoothly with the certainty of weatherproof and smooth glide that brings exciting and action-packed competition to your yard patio or deck. 

Who makes Hathaway Shuffleboards?

Hathaway manufactured games and sports accessories and was founded over 10 years ago. They have taken the shuffleboard market to the next level with innovative and beautiful tables that offer hours of quality game experience with family and friends.

4# Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table

Product Rating 9.4

Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table

Barrington Collection shuffleboard table is the perfect addition to any home bar or game room. The Allendale collection shuffles board table has a solid metal leg design and a brown and tan palette with clean design lines.

Besides, they come with a premium quality, scratch-resistant wood veneer playfield that withstands harsh and tough gaming experiences. The reinforced solid wood apron corners add additional strength and stability to the table, which is useful in maintaining the finish.

Furthermore, the table has a solid leg design made of metal, and its hidden leg levelers help stabilize its playing surface. It is also equipped with nostalgic wooden bead-style scorers that help keep the action in style. The gutters and carpeted walls look great in appearance but also help to reduce unwanted noise and protect the playing surface.

Additionally, it comes with accessories like a package of 8 pucks of shuffleboard powder package, which helps increase the pucks’ speed and playability. 

  • High-quality wood construction
  • Sturdy made
  • Scratch-resistant 
  • Beat sellers rank
  • Easy to assemble
  • Medium speed

Product Verdict

We considered the Barrington shuffleboard table as the top-quality shuffleboard table due to the wood furniture, two integrated abacuses, and scratch-resistant playfield. 

What is the warranty on the Barrington shuffleboard table?

To ensure the customer’s satisfaction and reliable product performance, the company offers 90 days warranty on Barrington shuffleboard tables from the date of purchase. 

5# Hathaway Daulton 9-ft Shuffleboard Table

Product Rating 8.1

Hathaway Daulton 9-ft Shuffleboard Table

Hathaway Daulton shuffleboard table is known for its crafted and engineered wood featuring an X pattern support base that offers rock-solid stability. The table is like a well-built cabinet covered with oak, melamine finish, and metal-made black accents.

Additionally, the handsome and high-quality shuffleboard table features a poly-coated super sleek play surface for smooth sliding action and gameplay. Therefore, your game will be smooth unlike playing on other tables.

Moreover, the table comes with carpeted gutters to reduce noise while playing. The table’s high-quality components and modern design add a stylish look built for long-lasting use. However, the Dalton contemporary offers an urban design that is a great addition to any basement, game room, or rec room.

Also, it gives the pub style and classy appearance. The table comes with a grain melamine finish and steel accents.

It adds an upgraded appearance to its design. Undoubtedly, the Hathaway is a perfect table to play comes in a 1-inch thickness, poly-coated top and minimizes friction to make the sliding of pucks smooth and even with accuracy. The table has a built-in scoring system to track players’ actions and scores. 

  • Well made
  • Responsibly engineered
  • Superior play 
  • Great action
  • Smooth puck action
  • The size is 9-ft
  • No specific cons found

Product Verdict

Hathaway shuffleboard table is one of the best for its rugged strength and stability even on the intense playing field. Besides, it offers a full line of fun and excitement as it combines classic craftsmanship with modern craftsmanship machinery to get superior quality control by US-based Hathaway employees. 

What is the shape and size of Hathaway shuffleboard table legs?

The legs of the Hathaway shuffleboard table are X-patterned legs 2 inches in diameter, and reinforced bases with independent leg levelers ensure a smooth and level playing surface. 

Buying Guide for Best Shuffleboard Tables

Though the shuffleboard tables come with a wide variety of options and let you play this treasured game at home and in clubs with constant bending over, before buying the best shuffleboard table, you should look for the following features for a must.


The size of the shuffleboard table is the most important factor to consider, as is the available space in your home. The standard or regular size of the shuffleboard table is 20 inches wide and 22 feet long. However, this is the basic measurement of the table for your basement and a rec room if you plan to opt for the smaller size or model.

There should be enough room around the table for all players to move freely. These shuffleboard tables come in various sizes, as small as eight-foot long.

Indoor Or Outdoor Shuffleboard Table Use

Most of the shuffleboards that most people opt for are the best option for indoors. If you want to get the shuffleboard table for your backyard, patio, or club. You should buy the table with salient features of water-resistant and weatherproof sealant.

The waterproof coating on the legs and top will prevent moisture and humidity from coming into the table and rain from damaging the table. 

The thickness of the Table

The thickness of the table is the essential factor to look for, as thin tables cannot resist the pressure of regular use and can crack or chip. Most companies and brands pay special attention to the thickness of tables and make the tables three inches in thickness. This thickness can be increased and comes in handy if you refinish the table with the refinishing it with wood. 

Wood Type

You want to get the table with the best wood type as you will get the best wood type on the top and surface. Many brands make shuffleboard tables with maple or hardwood that can be the best option to play intense games inside and outside. The shuffleboard tables with cheaper woods may use softwoods that will quickly show dents, dings, scuff marks, and scratches.

Surface Coatings

Another factor that you should aspect for is the type of coating used on the top surface of the table. The tables that come with polymer coating are the best to use because they save the board game from getting damaged in the hands of rough players and can last for many years. Some shuffleboard brands make with the basic clear sealant to protect the boards from damage.

Surface Curvature

The top-rated tables with the best features have a slight curvature in the middle and look like a concave curve. This feature is the best way to keep the puck in the center of the board and prevent the puck from spinning over the side of the table. If the curve is too sharp or steep, it may keep your puck going where you want it to go. 

Scoring Systems

In your play scoring system is the main thing to consider as it is located at the end of the table and shows the teams’ scores to check who is the winner of the game. Some models come with the standard or traditional triangle, similar to the scoring system used on the shuffleboard courts.

At the same time, other table models come with the three marked areas that give you different points based on where the puck goes. 

Furthermore, we advise you to opt for the shuffleboard tables with built-in scoring systems called electronic shuffleboards, as these boards automatically record the scores of the team players.

Outer Cabinet

Although it is common faith that the outer cabinet does not have a role in the gameplay, the structure and weight of the table are important factors. Most people think the outer cabinet is a must for aesthetics, but it is important as it can bear the table’s whole weight and is equally important as the other factors.

Outer Cabinet of the Shuffleboard

Moreover, the outer cabinets made with solid hardwood are heavier and firmer than other woods. So during the intense gameplay, the outer cabinets play an important role in holding the table in place. But the shuffleboard tables with the outer cabinets are more expensive than the tables without them.

Most of the outer cabinets of the shuffleboard tables are made of maple, walnut, pine, and many more, but most economic models of cabinets are made with MDF particle wood. 

Cost and Condition

Whether you can afford an expensive shuffleboard table or not, the cost and condition of the cabinet is the most vital factor you should consider a must. Most shuffleboard tables are very expensive, but some handcrafted models are made to order.

So the ready-made tables are in the range of $800, but the brands and companies also offer sales on these models at the end of the year to promote their sales. 

Furthermore, if you want to buy brand new models, you should look for a reasonable price even if you want to choose the old ones. These are also available in the market at a reasonable price range.  

The Cut of Playing Surfaces

While playing shuffleboard, you may notice that the table’s surface is made with a combination of many small pieces of wooden planks that are laminated, glued, and linked together by other sources. Moreover, sometimes the manufacturers reduce the measurement of the table in terms of width to keep the cost low. 

Faqs (Outdoor Shuffleboard Tables)

What are outdoor shuffleboard tables made of?

The best shuffleboard is made of hard maple wood as there are fewer chances of damage and warping in this wood over time than in other woods. Russian birch and Canadian soft maple are considered good and durable materials, and the least expensive tables are made of rubberwood: poplar and Chinese birch. 

What is the best size for the shuffleboard table?

The regular shuffleboard tables are also known as tournament tables and are 22 feet long by 20 inches wide. The cradle, which is the narrow area surrounding the playing surface, is a big addition to its dimensions, so the actual size of the shuffleboard table comes around 23 feet long and 31 inches wide. 

Can you have a shuffleboard table outside?

Yes, of course, you can have the shuffleboard table outside. It means that the shuffleboard tables that you can place outside easily are known as our shuffleboard tables.


We have gone through many shuffleboard tables, but we cannot divert our attention from the best editors’ choice shuffleboard table, Play Craft Extra shuffleboard table. The table is one of the best top-rated due to advanced and innovative features like climatic adjusters, outer cabinet, colorful pucks, constructed with hardwood micro lam plywood with hardwood corners for increased stability.

Moreover, the ultimate buying guide will also be helpful to you in deciding as it gives you an in-depth look at the vital factors to think about before buying the top-rated table. The well-made and quality constructed shuffleboard tables stand alone in the competitor market and differentiate them from other cheap models.

Using the top shuffleboard tables will give you a clear-cut idea and make you more knowledgeable about the best shuffleboard tables. 

I think now you have the best buzzwords, finishes, and materials to look for!  

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