10 Best Ping Pong Tables in 2023 Buying Guide & Reviews

Best Ping Pong Table

If you are fond of ping pong games, you know the importance of quality tables made of. Because as summer winds blow, most people are searching for ways to keep themselves busy and active inside san screens. Hence, ping pong tables offer great recreation, excitement, and fun to people of all ages with athletic abilities. 

Therefore, knowing a good table is vital, like ping pong is an Olympic game. And you don’t want to be an expert or gold medalist to master the basic rules or dive into the game. So in this post, we have compiled a list of the best ping pong tables reviews, their features, pro, cons, and buying guides. So keep reading the valuable post.

Ping Pong Tables

1. JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA NOVA Outdoor Table Tennis Table

JOOLA NOVA was introduced by JOOLA, a well-known Olympic brand and trusted for 60 years. Since 1950, the company has been the honored sponsor for the most significant events and tournaments worldwide. It makes the products for world championships, the Olympics, and the US Open, including equipment designed for all levels. 

When it comes to the JOOLA ping pong table, its size is 9 x 5 foot regular, basically designed for outdoor needs. The table combines indoor requirements and outdoor durability features, as it looks great for your yard, patio, and deck. Also, this table comes with an easy set, needs hardly 10 minutes for assembly, and has 8 legs attached and fixed with 8 bolts. 


Extra-large casters

All-weather table

Two-piece design

Compact and mobile

Adjustable leg levelers




Final Verdict

JOOLA ping pong table is one of the best table tennis tables built for the outdoors. It is durable, thick plastic, and is considered an all-weather table. However, your game will be better like the advanced players because this table has two pieces design and a 4 wheel trolley system. Thus making the storage and transport easy to play easily. 

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What are two innovative features of the JOOLA NOVA ping pong table?

The two innovative features include having a thick and durable plastic surface resistant to chipping and warping. Secondly, it comes with compact storage place to keep small accessions like balls and paddles. 

2. Butterfly Centerfold 25 Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Centerfold 25 Table Tennis Table

Butterfly centerfolds table tennis table is made according to the international table tennis federation to meet the needs of beginners to professional players. The table needs no assembly and comes with 5 years of warranty; the player can enjoy true bounces with consistent play in institutions, clubs, and home playrooms. Moreover, the table has the facility to be folded and can be easily placed in a smaller space.

The table has a tournament-approved ping pong net, a simple roll and folds system, and a safety latch system that holds the table in the storage position. Further, the ping pong table has adjustable feet to make the table leveled because of the height adjusters on all 4 luter legs. The table has 5-inch locking rubber wheels for easy transportation and secures the table during play.


No assembly needed

Tournament included

Adjustable feet

Fold and roll design

Quality top


You need to adjust this table by yourself

Final Verdict

The butterfly ping pong table is one of the great options for ping pong lovers as it comes with a 1-inch tabletop for a consistent and reliable bounce with the roll and folds design. Also, it has innovative features like adjustable feet, locking rubber wheels, and a tournament net with no assembly needed.

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What material is used on top of the butterfly table?

The top of the butterfly table is made with anti-skid material that is scratch-proof and protected by a hard PVC band and a solid two-inch steel apron. The top is also leveled with height adjusters on each leg.

3. JOOLA Mid-size Compact Table Tennis

JOOLA Mid-size Compact Table Tennis

JOOLA’s mid-sized table tennis table is specially made for international events and tournaments and designed for all levels. The table is multipurpose and comes in two halves is an excellent option to fold when not needed for play. A table is a perfect option for playing pokers, crafts, and board games and is considered the casino table, best for kids and adults. 

Moreover, assembling the table is not a hassle; it has an easy setup and compact design. Due to its mid-size table, and comes with 100% preassembly and two halves features with 4 legs that can easily fold under the table like a card table. Therefore, you can easily place it under the bed and closets. 


Sturdy folding legs

Compact design

Storage space

Separate square halves



Limited warranty

Final Verdict

JOOLA mid-size is a standard table with regulation quality and height, a small surface place, and a perfect size for compact spaces like kids’ rooms, apartments, dorm rooms, and basements. You get the feel of comfort on playing at the regular-size table.

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What is the use of a custom net set in JOOLA table tennis?

JOOLA mid-size table tennis comes with custom size net set that attaches with a classic screw clamp design to separate the two halves of the table. 

4. STIGA XTR Series Table Tennis Table  

STIGA XTR Series Table Tennis Table  

STIGA table tennis is one of the best additions to any patio, yard, or outdoor area. The table is highly durable and built for long-lasting use. It is specifically designed to overcome harsh elements and offers all-weather performance because it is made with an aluminum composite top for the game’s best level.

Moreover, the quick-play design is 95% preassembled when it comes out of the box for easy setup. Besides, the table has an ultra-storage compact position due to the self-opening legs that can reassemble in seconds.

Also, it is built to meet the needs of outdoor games because it is made with durable material. Therefore, it is a perfect addition to any deck, backyard, garage, or porch to spend money on a quality table. All material is made rust-free and designed to overcome the elements. 



Quality built

Simple storage

Self-opening legs


Not for all-weather 

Final Verdict

STIGA XTR is a brand known for using the best quality material tables for ping pong; each table is made with a composite top to offer an excellent playfield with all-weather performance. All premium weather net and post-net are included in the package and can be removed from the table in seconds. 

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What is the function of the caster beam in the STIGA XTR ping pong table?

Each table comes with caster beams that permit the two halves of the table to be separated and can be used for multipurpose to upgrade your skills and take it to the next level.  

5. JOOLA Rally TL Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table  

 JOOLA Rally TL Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table  

JOOLA Rally is a table tennis table for professional grade with a regular size of 9 to 5 feet perfect option for indoor use and can be fit on the home patio. Office or community center. The tabletop is made with high-quality wood material, and the legs are constructed with high-grade stainless steel.

However, the assembly of the table parts is not tricky, comes with an easy setup, and requires no hassle. You only have to attach the legs of the table with the help of 8 bolts. 

Moreover, you can quickly get a reliable level of gameplay. It is made with a 5 to 8-inch thick medium-density fiberboard with a multi-layer painted surface to get reliable and consistent ball bounce. The height adjusters in the table offer a smooth and even playing surface. So, with the compact storage design with two folding halves, you can store this table in any minimum space with easy mobility and a transportation system. 


Reliable gameplay

Easy setup

Tournament quality

Easy to fold



Not for Beginners

Final Verdict

JOOLA Rally is the best, and the top-rated ping pong table comes with innovative features like levelers and adjusters, storage space for rackets and balls, needs no hassle, and easy setup. Also, it has corner ball holders and abacus scorers, an excellent choice for beginners to professional players.

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How thick is the top of the Joola rally? 

The actual top of the JOOLA Rally is ¾ inches, but the frame holding it together is one inch more than the mentioned measurement.

6. Butterfly Europa25 Ping Pong Table

Butterfly Europa25 Ping Pong Table

One of the most appealing and advanced features of the Butterfly Europa 25 is that it is internationally approved by the table tennis federation to meet the current standards of the game. It comes with a 5 years guarantee and fulfills the needs of professional quality for indoor ping pong tables.

So, the player can enjoy the true bounces of the ball for even and consistent gameplay in institutions, clubs, and home game rooms. Furthermore, the package of this model also contains a tournament-approved butterfly national league ping pong net set.

Also, it is available in two colors, blue and green, and the tabletop is supported with a 2 square steel frame to make it stable for gameplay. The butterfly ping pong table comes with compact storage having 6 stores in width and wheels for easy transport and mobility. 


Compact storage

Easy transport

Easy to assemble

Great quality made


No specific cons found

Final verdict

The butterfly ping pong table is fantastic and not compatible with any other brand in terms of sturdiness, quality, and performance. Not only does it look great, but it is an excellent option for beginners to professional players because of the ease of assembly and gameplay.

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Can the butterfly table be placed on the patio or yard?

No, the butterfly ping pong table is indoor, so it cannot be placed on the patio or yard.

7. JOOLA Inside Professional MDF Table

JOOLA Inside Professional MDF Table

JOOLA is a well-known brand for the Olympic games. It has been trusted for the past 60 years for its reliable and high-grade performance, as it is sponsored by big tournaments worldwide, including world championships, the Olympics, and US Open.

It also comes with a 15mm MDF surface tournament quality and is the best option in the office’s clubs and homes. Moreover, the table is straightforward to assemble, has a quick setup, and can be used in 10 minutes. 

Furthermore, the tournament-grade JOOLA has a convenient clamp system for quick attachment and easy removal options. With these features, you can easily transport this table because it has mobility and a compact design for storing paddles and balls of the gameplay. Besides, the package comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and learns, listening to users’ feedback to further increase the production of the products for tennis tables. 


Easy setup

Easy to assemble

Compact storage design

Sturdy undercarriage

Stable legs


No cons

Final verdict

JOOLA table tennis is professional grade-tale tennis with innovative features like independent table halves, a sturdy undercarriage with folded legs made of stainless steel, a tournament-grade net, and a post set. The tabletop is made with silkscreen stripping and locking casters and wheels for easy glide and transportation.

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What are the dimensions of JOOLA table tennis when it is stored?

When the table is in storage, the bottom feet are 21 deep; the folded top is 4; inches deep, 62 wide, and 64 high.

8. STIGA Advantage Professional Table Tennis Tables

 STIGA Advantage Professional Table Tennis Tables

STIGA advantage international table is a high-quality for beginners to professional players that are readily preassembled. Also, it is the perfect option for home and office play. Therefore, if you don’t want to go outside to play the game, you can also store it in your room.

Besides, this table comes with quick play performance and design, making it more unique. While the table has locking wheels to safely roll over the surfaces with 3 premium quality black casters. Therefore, you can roll and transport it without effort with the help of its lockable casters for storage with ease storage.

Also, the table offers a high level of performance because its top is made with multiple roller coat finishes and silkscreen stripping. Moreover, the STIGA spring-loaded safety latch system helps hold the table upright for added safety so that your table cannot go open unexpectedly. So spend money on the quality product and get the thing better!


Compact design

Adjustable leg levelers

Super easy setup

Best customer ratings

Easy to assemble

Convenient storage


Single Player Playback

Final verdict

The STIGA ping pong table is high-rated because of its innovative locking wheels, self-opening legs, adjustable leg levelers, tournament grade net, and post-net compact storage design with a thick tabletop.   

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What is the color of the tabletop?

The color of the STIGA table is blue color.

9. Hathaway Victory Professional 9’ Table Tennis Table

Hathaway Victory Professional 9’ Table Tennis Table

The Hathaway brand is well known for tournament-grade products specially designed for the highest quality of competition. The tabletop comes with a 1-inch thick surface made of 20 layers of coats to make sure a fast and reliable ball bounces.

The table’s 9 feet x 5 feet measurement meets the specifications prescribed by ITFF. Unlike other tables, it is perfect for all ages and offers victory at a premium level. In addition, the table is easy to assemble, so you can start playing immediately. The tabletop has locking clamps that can be easily attached and removed.

If the piece of table tennis is damaged during travel, it will be replaced with a new one, and the table can repair without charge if it is damaged. Hathaway table tennis is backed by 180 days of money-back guarantee.


Perfect for families

Tournament quality

20 layers of coating

Easy to assemble

Money-back guarantee


No cons Found

Final verdict

Playing with the Hathaway table tennis can take your level of play to the next level. It is a caliber table loaded with premium features and folding options, a space-saving design with easy assembly, and a locking mechanism. 

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How does Hathaway fold away?

The table splits up into two independent and complete pieces to fold. Therefore you can fold it whenever you don’t use it.

10. GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set 

GoSports Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set 

Go Sports table tennis table is considered the complete set as it includes a mid-size table with 2 table tennis paddles, a game net, and 4 balls. The table measurement is sufficient to play tournament-grade games and small enough to store anywhere in the office or at home.

It has an instant setup ad that can be folded in seconds when unused. Moreover, the table has built-in handles to carry easily and make transportation convenient.

Therefore, those without a full-sized table can also use you in offices, clubs, and homes. This premium ping pong table comes with premium-grade quality with heavy-duty construction made with an aluminum frame to keep the tabletop sturdy and durable. Due to its lightweight, the even playing surface offers the perfect bounce for longer seamless rallies. 


Portable table

Instant set up

Easy storage

Great for a competitive game

Easy to assemble



Final Verdict

Go Sports is a perfect-sized table, considering the heated table, and comes with no compromise in construction made of aluminum metal for a perfect bounce with instant setup and built-in carrying handles. 

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Buying Guide for the Best Ping Pong Table

Buying ping pong tables is sometimes overwhelming, especially when an individual is unaware of the features and quality aspects.

Many options are available in the competitive market, so that this ultimate buying guide will help you out of this daunting situation. 

Playing area

While buying the ping pong tables, you need to know how much space is available around the table.

Because it is essential to have sufficient space around the table for ease of moving around, there should be 4 to 5 feet of space on all sides to play table tennis games with comfort. The playing area for table tennis should be isolated from noise and not be distracted while playing.

Table size

Table tennis tables are available in multiple sizes, but the regular size is the only one for offices and homes. You can get both nonstandard and nonregulation sizes, regulation sizes, and standard sizes. The table tennis regulation size is according to the standards of the International Table Tennis Federation.

Outdoor table factors

The outdoor tables have more space to work with due to many aspects. Playing a game in the fresh air is a great option, but the table’s quality should be high to meet the environment’s needs.

However, the downside of the outdoor table is that the wind and sunlight can damage the top. So it is the best option to choose a space where there should be a barrier of trees or walls. 


Once you have planned to buy the regular-size ping pong table of the practical choice, keep an eye on the available budget. The cost of the regular size ping pong table comes in the range of 200$, and you can go on the larger size for $800. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on the expensive option because the competition size table can cost up to less than 700$.


How much is a cheap ping pong table?

The best quality table tennis tables range from $200 to over $2000.

What type of ping pong table should I get?

The standard-size ping pong table comes a regular size of 9 feet long and 5 feet wide. So the room this size should fit is big enough to accommodate it. 

Is a ping pong table worth it?

Many good quality tables are available in the market with good features and great performance that can last longer. Some table tennis players believe that tabletops with one-inch thickness are worth considering.

Is a 13mm ping pong table good?

As a standard rule, the thicker the top of the table, the better the table and its performance will be. The top-rated tables with the best options in features for high-traffic areas and competitive players are 25 mm thick. The best option for ping pong tables is 13 mm thick for beginner players. 


So to wrap up the article on the best ping pong tables, I have personally reviewed a lot of table tennis tables. Still, no model other than JOOLA inside professional MDF is top-rated, and high quality is the best option. Because of its reasonable price, high quality made—two halves for easy storage. 

So if you are tight on space, check the ping pong tables mentioned above for the best performance that is high quality made. 

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