8 Best Shuffleboard Pucks Reviewed in Detail of 2023

Best Shuffleboard Pucks

Recreation and innovation are the mothers of exciting things that spring from hours of effort and hard work. When you enjoy any gameplay, you enjoy your life. Similarly, shuffleboard is a very famous and exciting pastime to many.

A perfect range of synchronization and; the right amount of balance is vital when playing shuffleboard. You must be surprised how you have ever gotten your hands on the top of the best shuffleboard weights available on the market.

Well, to make your game at ease, we have gathered some of the best shuffleboard pucks that may be the correct option for your game after very extensive research. While looking at the top pucks for shuffleboard, one of the most important factors is the compatibility with the shuffleboard table and its durable design. 

So without waiting, let’s look at the most wanted shuffleboard pucks with the buying guide in detail.

Empire USA Premium Shuffleboard Pucks
Empire USA Premium Shuffleboard Pucks
  • The Brand is ‎Empire USA
  • 4 Blue Pucks and 4 Red Pucks Per Set
  • Each Puck weight 9.5 oz
  • 53mm / 2-1/8″ size
Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks
Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks
  • The Brand is Hathaway
  • 4 Blue pucks, 4 red pucks
  • Each Puck weight 9-1/2 oz
  • 2-1/8 inch diameter size
TORPSPORTS Shuffleboard Pucks
TORPSPORTS Shuffleboard Pucks
  • The Brand is TORPSPORTS
  • 4 Red and 4 blue Pucks
  • ‎1 Pounds Weight
  • 2-1/8-in diameter (53mm) Pucks size

Best Shuffleboard Pucks

1. Empire USA Premium Shuffleboard Pucks

Product Rating: 9.2

Empire USA Premium Shuffleboard Pucks

If you play shuffleboard with passion and enthusiasm, Empire USA premium, a special model of shuffleboard puck, will be accurate for you. Hence, the Empire pucks are made with a maximum grid and a smooth and even beveled edge to have great control.

However, the Empire shuffleboard pucks are high-quality pucks that come in a set of 8, two colors, are made of stainless steel, and beveled edges. Four pieces of pucks are in blue, and others are in red which is great to play shuffleboard games to make fun. 

Moreover, the weight of each puck is 9.05 oz., and is highly reliable to work with. From the rational analysis of reviews, you will be delighted to know that these pucks are consistent throughout the game with speed range.

While playing, you will experience the throws that will lead to a win. With these pucks, your opponent player will not have a chance to beat you because Empire USA pucks are helpful to create steady and firm grips in your game.

  • Replaceable screws on caps
  • Great durability
  • Function capacity 
  • Premium chrome-plated steel
  • No Cons Found

Final verdict

The Empire American shuffleboard puck is a considerable investment with robust reliability, durability, and high-grade performance. It is not a price option but is the best option to train beginners professionals. 

What is the function of the cap on the pucks? 

The caps of pucks come with screws, which guarantees pucks’ ability and makes sure you enjoy time competing and learning. I noticed the Function of the caps on the pucks protects the puck from the air elements like dust and dirt.

2. Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks 

Hathaway Shuffleboard Pucks 

Product Rating: 9.4

The package of Hathaway shuffleboard comes with a row of red best shuffleboard pucks and a row of blue ones. You will also be impressed with the case of Hathaway shuffleboard which has a sleek design made of wood that robustly packs the pucks to protect them from dust and moisture and hold them together.

Each box of the brand contains 8 pieces, 4 in blue color, and the other four in red. Moreover, Hathaway has an excellent reputation for offering the perfect combination of economical price and quality in its products.   

Also, the Hathaway shuffleboard pucks are very easy to use on the table because they are convenient. The size of each puck is 5 pounds, which means it is a smaller size than the typical size available in the market. You can easily handle it because of its smaller size and lightweight balance which is worth investing in your plan.

In this model, the main attraction is a storage case incompatible with top-notch quality. Often, the storage case of shuffleboard pucks comes to fit regular-size shuffleboard tables. 

  • Two-color options
  • Affordable
  • Beveled edge and leveled controlled 
  • Steller storage case
  • Great for beginners
  • Snowplowing the powder

Final verdict

Hathaway shuffleboard package has everything that beginner to professional players want, as it is an excellent option for enjoying the game. Since the whole product complements and appreciates the shuffleboard game. 

Hence, if you are looking for a much more convenient option, Hathaway pucks can never be the wrong option and the perfect gear to learn and play.

How do you clean Hathaway shuffleboard pucks?

To clean Hathaway shuffleboard pucks, either you can use a shuffleboard brush or a soft towel. 1. The tip is to push away the current wax from the surface. 2. Once it is done, you can use either an all-purpose spray or a glass cleaner to remove all the dirt. 3. Before being wiped away, the spray should spread in an even and smooth way.

3. TORPSPORTS Shuffleboard Pucks

Product Rating: 8.6

TORPSPORTS Shuffleboard Pucks

Although the TORPSPORTS pucks are the best affordable and cheapest in terms of cost, there is nothing cheap in this innovative model’s performance, quality, and packaging. The pucks come with ABS topped caps which are resistant to scratches, and chipping, and durable construction of heavy and chrome-plated steel.

However, the package comes with beveled edges and a decent heft of 9.5 ounces to give you great control while shooting without error and excellent glide along with the table.

In addition, this package comes with a set of eight pucks with bright colors to differentiate between competitors and clear the visibility in dimly lighted environments. So, it means that your pucks will enhance your scores in a game.

We also love the 4 red and blue colored pucks are wrapped separately in a bubble packet to reduce friction and protect from damage during bears the log in the center and shipping.

The manufacturer exposes his appreciation with the thanks card included in the box.

  • Bright colors
  • Beveled edges
  • Durable chrome-plated steel material 
  • Excellent packaging
  • Budget-friendly
  • The size of pucks might not be ideal for a 16-inch tablet

Final Verdict

The customers of Top sport pucks are delighted with the package, quality, and performance of these 2-1/2-inch diameter pucks on the 12 feet shuffleboard table, as they especially love the smooth and even slide and bounce while bumping off their opponent pucks during a shuffleboard game. 

What is the size of Topsportshuffle board pucks?

The size of top sports shuffleboard pucks is of regular size and within the official tournament weight, as the package comes with a 2-5/16 size shuffleboard weight set.

4. Brand Billiard Evolution Shuffleboard Pucks

Product Rating: 8.9

Brand Billiard Evolution Shuffleboard Pucks

The Brand Billiard pucks are the best and ideal option for those looking for regulation-sized shuffleboard pucks for recreational and casual use. These pucks are appreciated by shuffleboard table makers, restaurant owners, and parents of teenagers for their sturdy and durable made.

Also, it has very high-quality components that can withstand the high traffic of beginners to professional players. As they can resist the impact of bump-offs and high pressure, Brand pucks are the best choice.

In addition, the brand Billiard pucks come in a package of four red pucks and four blue pucks to enhance visibility and a regulation diameter of 2-5/16 inches to make your game professional. This quality is an excellent addition to the fast slide action and runs along with the table into the shuffleboard scoring areas with a smooth and even touch. 

Since the Brand pucks do not come with believed edges as they cause a slight accumulation of wax and trails. That’s why we give the give a rating of 8.9 out of 100. While the accurate weight of the Brand Billiard Evolution Pucks is 12.48 ounces which is an excellent addition to the strength required to control the shots!

  • High speed
  • Durable
  • Bright colors 
  • Great price and performance ratio
  • No believed edges

Final Verdict

The Brand Billiard is an excellent choice for all players because the package has a reasonable price range that provides the best value for your money and a high-grade grid that can serve you for a long time.

However, the reason why I choose this product is that the shipping and replacement service for manufacturing defects is also facilitated with speed via the US Postal service to deliver on time. 

How do you slide a Brand Billiard shuffleboard puck?

You can slide a shuffleboard puck with your palm, as it should cover the top of the puck with your thumb after the puck and should be nearest to you. Lightly trace the sides of the puck, but your fingers should not touch the top of the table.

5. American Shuffleboard Pucks

Product Rating: 8.3

American Shuffleboard Pucks

If you are looking for the tournament play package, which can cruise along 14 to 22 feet shuffleboard tables without the build-up of wax and resistance, American table pucks have everything you need and are the best option for you. These pucks come with regulations to protect you against scratches and dents when you knock off your opponent’s throws.

Zed diameter, 2-5/16 inches, and 12 ounces’ weight give the right balance between control and feel for great accuracy and comfort in your shots. Besides, it is constructed with heavy chrome steel which is highly resistant to chipping, dents, and scratches. Also, the caps of these pucks are made with plastic, easy to on and off for replacement. The shuffleboard caps offer a strong grip to play with accurate shots and throws.

Moreover, the American pucks come in two different bright colors so that you can identify the two teams with ease. It has 8 pucks in total, four in red and the other four in blue to identify the two teams differently.

Although the package of American pucks is a little pricy, it is a durable investment in terms of quality and performance. The package will prove an asset from the beginner to a professional player.  

  • Balanced weight
  • Replaceable screw-on caps
  • Durable chrome metal construction 
  • Pleasant touch
  • No Cons Found

Final verdict

The American shuffleboard pucks are the best choice for professional players to train them for national and international level games. The pucks are made of high-quality material in two colors at a high price but are a great option for trainee players and newbies who desire to advance their practice and skills to the next level.

How do you maintain American shuffleboard pucks?

To maintain the shuffleboard pucks, you can use a brush or a soft towel. You can also use the all-purpose cleaner or glass door spray to remove all dirt and debris.

6. Ideal Enjoy Shuffleboard Pucks

Product Rating: 8.3

Ideal Enjoy Shuffleboard Pucks

The Ideal enjoys shuffleboard pucks are one of the top ones from a very wide variety, and these pucks come with speed-proven weight for increased consistency. Also, the measurement of these pucks is 2-5/16 (58mm), and is packed in a durable wooden box.

However, this package is equipped with a set of 8 shuffleboard pucks with distinct and attractive colors like mazarine and crimson. Unlike other pucks, the Ideal Enjoy pucks are made with bronze, heavy material, and ABS-topped caps to make your game more smooth. Therefore these table shuffleboard pucks are good in appearance.

Though the pucks are in a higher price range, the quality and performance are also guaranteed which is great for money worthy.

Despite this, these shuffleboards are sure to get the attention of everyone, and everyone will ask you where you get them from. You can get durability and functionality inside a great box that can be like decoration pieces, too, as the puck’s case was never splendid and safe at the same time.

  • Safe storage wooden case
  • Compelling price
  • Well maintained 
  • Best value for money
  • No Cons Found

Final verdict

Finally, Ideal Enjoy has offered the best quality pucks at a great price and performance option. Beginners to professional players can ornate their shuffleboard with the best quality pucks that can slide with incredible balance and stability.

Are Ideal enjoy are heavy pucks?

No ideal enjoy pucks are not heavy, as these pucks come in regular bearable weight.

7. YDDS Shuffleboard Pucks

Product Rating: 8.4

YDDS Shuffleboard Pucks

YDDS shuffleboard pucks are the newest release in the YDDS store, with additional and complete accessories. It is the new package of pucks that aims to provide your shuffleboard wax, with a shuffleboard mini brush set for cleaning purposes. Therefore, with these pucks, you can clean the pucks and table from corners too, and for your great convenience.

With shuffleboard wax, dust will be narrowed down to make the pucks and table lubricated for better game performance. While Zdgao shuffleboard Pucks don’t come with a dustpan so if you need it, the YDDS shuffleboard pucks provide you.

Moreover, the package consists of 8 pucks in two different colors, 4 pucks in red and the other four in blue. The pucks are equipped with caps with high-grade ABS. The pucks come with a well-balanced weight and size for better control and performance.

We choose these pucks in our listing because it is perfect for all players. Because the many shuffleboard accessories in the YDDS package are for all players, from beginners to professional-level players, to make your game joyful and memorable. 

  • Durable
  • Fast speed
  • Adorable accessories 
  • Lightweight
  • Dustpan not available

Final Verdict

The YDDS shuffleboard pucks are the best option for playing shuffleboard, as these pucks come in different colors, with the best accessories like a cleaning brush and shuffleboard wax to lubricate the table and pucks. It means that you don’t need to buy them separately!

Why are the caps of YDDS pucks screwed on and off?

The interchangeable caps are best to make sure to make a difference in making colors in your choices. These caps are a great option to make the pucks heavier and make them comfortable and better in performance. Caps can break off during gaming and must be replaced and screwed off. 

8. Zdgao Shuffleboard Pucks

Product Rating: 8.2

Zdgao shuffleboard Pucks

Zdgao shuffleboard pucks are premium quality made of high-quality stainless steel and high-grade plastic to add durability and extended performance. We noticed these pucks come with detachable caps so in order to replace any cap at the time of need.

The pucks are equipped with beveled edges designed on the top to get the best balance to ensure the fastest speed and balance of air friction. Thus it makes your game improve and increases the speed with the best control.

Besides, these best shuffleboard pucks come in eight packs, including red and blue colors, and considerable weight and height. Therefore, you don’t need to buy them separately. Also, the shuffleboard table knows the benefits of weighted pucks and is an integral part of the game, so these pucks fulfill the purpose in a good manner, so opting for the high-quality item is a great option and a good choice.

  • Fast speed
  • Upgraded material
  • Weighted puck 
  • Balance in air friction
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

Zdgao shuffleboard pucks are a great option for beginners to professional players. The pucks are made with the best quality and high-grade material with the caps on the top to upgrade performance and durability. Only I dislike the thing which is that the manufacturers of these pucks are expensive as compared to other weighted pucks.

What is the size of the Zdgao shuffleboard puck?

The size of the Zdgao shuffleboard puck is 2-5/16 with regular size.

Buying Guide for the Best Shuffleboard Pucks

Since the market is full of so many models and designs of table shuffleboard pucks, you might be confused about which model to choose from. Before browsing the options, there are some vital things that you should consider, especially if you are a beginner. 

Best Shuffleboard Pucks

Besides all facts, you don’t need to worry because our tips and guidelines are very well researched based. This buying guide will understand you in a very good and valuable manner, with the specifications you are looking for.

So, without waiting, let’s dive into the essentials of looking for the best option.


Are you planning to buy shuffleboard pucks to use for recreational events or social places?

Or are you searching to opt for national and international tournaments to help you win games?

Either way, you should know each puck’s purpose because there is a wide difference between the puck’s weight used for tournament plays and recreational games. So, if you are into the tournament frequently, the puck’s weight should be 10.8 to 12.5 ounces. On the other hand, for recreational games, the puck’s weight should be 11 to 15 ounces. 


The regular size of the shuffleboard puck should be 8 inches wide.


To have the pucks with different colors in the package is a good cue. Similarly, the great advantage of playing with different colors is that it will be easy to identify the opponent’s team. Most of the pucks available in the market come in red and blue. 

However, if you don’t like vibrancy in the colors of pucks, there are pucks available with non-vibrant colors.

Size of the Table

Shuffleboard table sizes are a top factor that the players should consider while buying pucks and have primary importance. If the size of the table is 14 inches and above, the diameter of the shuffleboard puck should be 16 inches.

Optional Features

The optional features in buying shuffleboard pucks are a storage case and the cap material. Also, look for whether the cap is replaceable or not. Many puck packages have built-in durable wooden cases and boxes to protect them from humidity, dust, and all other air elements.

Moreover, replaceable caps are helpful to replace the damaged ones and use the new ones. In addition to all other factors, the puck cap should be durable material like aluminum that ensures a steady and strong grip.  

Size of the Shuffleboard Pucks

The size of the shuffleboard table identifies the size of the pucks. Depending on their diameters, two options in puck sizes are suggested for tournaments and recreational games. The diameters of pucks should range from two to eight inches. Moreover, the pucks in small sizes are the best options for small-sized tables.

On the other hand, the big-sized pucks are good for big-sized tables and extended surfaces. The best solution is to have a smooth touch in your game playing with the right-sized pucks on accurately sized tables.

Pitches at the Bottom

The shuffleboard pucks with different pitches at their bottom as these pitches determine the right speed at which they can slide. The humidity and wax levels are also great factors in accelerating and speeding up the pucks during movement.

However, the caps on the top of the pucks are made of plastic material to make sure they will move and slide smoothly and even without damaging the shuffleboard tables. The variations and alterations in the shuffleboard game can greatly impact the type of puck to be used depending on the penalties a player can get during the game. 

Personal Preferences

Your priorities in gaming should be at the top level in gaming to make sure the best level is in the game. The preferences that everyone should look for are the speed and playing styles and the comfort in the game that every player should feel while playing with innovative pucks on the shuffleboard.

Moreover, if you want to enhance some spice to the game, it is best to play with a good puck with a good design. Therefore To make the game livelier, fashionable designs are a great option. For a good start in the shuffleboard game, the number of pucks is also an important factor. A player is suggested to have eight pucks of distinct and bright colors to identify each team. 

In addition to all the above preferences, these ensure protection and storage purposes and convenient movement while moving from one place to the other. 


What size shuffleboard pucks do I need?

The smaller pucks are ideal for the shorter-sized tables, typically nine to fourteen feet in length and normally eighteen inches wide as measured according to the playing surface. 

Conversely, the larger pucks with two to five sixteenth inches are ideal for longer and wider tables.  

What is the slowest shuffleboard powder?

The slowest shuffleboard powder is Sun Glo#6-speed shuffleboard powder wax, which gives you medium playing speed on smaller tables. It is the ideal and perfect one for use on 9-foot tables and 12-foot tables and slows down your game on a 14-foot table, as it is the best choice for kids and beginners. 

Does sand speed up shuffleboard powder?

Shuffleboard sand help to speed up a game, thereby making it more enjoyable. Simultaneously it helps to maintain control of the puck for accurate shots.

Does sand slow down shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard wax is also referred to as sand, dust, powder, salt, cheese, sawdust, and more as a material sprinkled on the board to decrease friction between pucks and table and increase the speed of weights, preserve the thickness of the table as they wrap across the shuffleboard table.


In the end, we can surely mention that the above list of shuffleboard pucks are our top picks from the wide variety of sets of pucks. Shuffleboard is a game that everyone wants to play, and if someone not will miss out on the excitement and creativity.

So it is necessary that the table itself and pucks should be of well-designed, high-end construction and durable material, and luckily all the models in this guide fulfill the purpose. In addition to finely polished color and glossy exterior, all pucks surely pay the price for your game. 

Additionally, the pucks’ edges are smooth and evenly rounded to prevent any obstacle during sliding. However, their shuffleboard pucks’ chrome-plated design makes them look luxurious, as well.

All options of the best shuffleboard pucks are something more than fine!

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