9 Best Shuffleboard Tables 2023 – Top Reviews in Detail

Best Shuffleboard tables

Shuffleboard is a game of disputed areas that started 500 to 600 years ago in Europe. The game involves paddles to shove pucks in the direction of the targeted areas. There are many variables available in the best shuffleboard tables.

However, the shuffleboard game has alternative names like shovel and deck shuffleboard. King Henry was a big fan, fond of this game, and especially bets on this game. The best shuffleboards are similar to other games like air hockey and curling, but what is the best shuffleboard table, and how to choose it?

Let me tell you about one of the best shuffleboard tables of 2023:

9 Top Shuffleboard Tables

  1. Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table
  2. Barrington Collection Table
  3. American Legend Brookdale 9 LED Light Up Shuffleboard Table
  4. Hathaway Excalibur 9-ft Shuffleboard Table
  5. GoSports Top Board Game
  6. Hathaway BG 1203 Avenger Table
  7. Atomic 9 Platinum Shuffleboard Table
  8. American legend Kirkwood Light Up a Shuffleboard Table
  9. Hathaway Austin 9′ Shuffleboard Table

Best Shuffleboard Tables Reviews

1. Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table

During searching, I found the Playcraft tables, which are entry-level products, but these tables are not meant to compromise on quality. It means that the quality of these tables is amazing. So, whenever you play with the Playcraft table, you can play smoothly in it.

Also, this shuffleboard gaming table has climatic adjusters, a newly shaped leg design, and a black finish; that makes it a beautiful statement that can match bright and light-toned rooms. 

Besides, this table is manufactured with a 1-3/4 inch hardwood butcher block playfield fine finish with many coats of satin polyethylene to give it a smooth and shiny finish. This is why I like to play on a Playcraft shuffleboard table.

And I hope if you choose this amazing product you will never be disappointed with its quality.

Also, this best table comes with stiff, reinforced, double-paneled arched pedestal legs, metal leg levers, hinged doors, and shelves for storage. 

What do I dislike about Playcraft Woodbridge Shuffleboard Table?

I wouldn’t say I like the layout of the table. The positions of the pieces are not very comfortable for me to play.

The cradle and playfield of the play craft table are also one piece.

  • Durable
  • Sturdiness
  • Easy to assemble
  • High-quality material
  • Few cosmetic flaws

What should I look for Wood Bridge Shuffleboard Table?

If one table is damaged, it is expensive to fix, so you should see that it is made with durable and high-quality wood that can withstand the test of time and endure high impact. 

Final Verdict

The play craft table is one of the best for this game as it is made from solid and high-quality wood, with climatic adjusters. Therefore, you can play smoothly with this table.

2. Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table

Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table

The Barrington Collection shuffleboard table is a perfect collection for any home bar or game club, as it is made from high-quality wood with a solid metal leg design. With clean design lines and a brown and tan palette, the table works as a high-end piece of furniture. 

Therefore, you can enjoy shuffleboard game competitions with your friends and family when you play at this table.

Besides, the table has a wood veneer playfield and scratch-resistant surface to withstand the hardest game with a smooth finish.

Moreover, the table has an attractive design with a style of solid metal legs and hidden leg levers that helps stabilise the table’s surface. Furthermore, its Bead-style scorers with nostalgic wood attract the customer’s intention to use this table because it will help keep track of the action in style.

The gutters and carpeted walls look great, and I loved using this product. And it also helps to protect the playing surface and decrease unwanted noise!

What do I dislike about Barrington Collection Shuffleboard Table?

I don’t like the design of this table. The color combinations are outdated and just don’t look very appealing to me. I also don’t think the size is very good either. It’s a bit too small for my taste.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Medium speed
  • Durable material
  • Smooth finish
  • Limited warranty

Do Barrington Shuffleboard tables come Apart?

Not all, but the short tables with playing surfaces and the cabinets are packed separately and shipped together. So that you don’t need to worry about shipping and damaging the product because it will come in a complete pack.

Final Verdict

Barrington Collection is the best indoor shuffleboard table with top-quality wood and sturdy construction, as it is a perfect collection for any club or home. It also comes with shuffleboard accessories like a pucks brush and shuffleboard powder. However, it has a scratch-resistant playfield with an ultra-violent coating for fast puck and smooth action.

3. American Legend Brookdale 9 LED Light Up Shuffleboard Table

American Legend Brookdale 9 LED Light Up Table

American legend shuffleboard table is a table for two in one game; as it combines two beloved games with turnbuckle accents is a classic addition to your homeroom or club. The LED light-up rail system in the table provides an arcade and fun feel. 

Besides, the multifaceted table is a fantastic addition and comes ready to play for both games. The table is supported with LED lighting, AC Adapter, 10 bowling pins, and a pinsetter surrounding the pin to prevent falling off.

You can enjoy a classic game with a modern style as the table shuffleboard table is built with a rustic woodgrain finish, angled legs, grey carpeted gutters, and turnbuckle accents. But do you know what I liked the most about this table?

Its smoothness and friction-free performance help me to play with American Legend Brookdale Shuffleboard Table.

Also, with shuffleboard powder, you can enjoy the gameplay smoothly, and reduce friction, which offers smooth and gliding gameplay. Also, I noticed that this Brookfield offers a unique twist in your game with pub classic and light-up LED rails. Therefore, with light, you can play with your friends even at night!

What do I dislike about American Legend Brookdale 9 LED Light Up Shuffleboard Table?

I despised this best shuffleboard table brand. The reason why is that it was incredibly difficult to set up, and it was also very difficult to use. Additionally, the light-up table was extremely noisy, making it difficult to converse while playing. Overall, I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  • Affordable
  • High-quality material
  • Smooth play
  • Easy to assemble
  • Difficult to set up

How does the Brookfield shuffleboard table work?

Brookfield is the best choice for shuffleboard games and the bowling experience. During a double-player match. The players are not permitted to go to the other side of the board to see the position of the pucks. Therefore, players cannot touch the pucks in the gutter until the round is finished.

Final Verdict

The Brookfield shuffleboard table is not perfect for playing a game, but it also comes with a packed bonus bowling game set. Thus, it gives you the option to play two games at one time on one piece of equipment.

4. Hathaway Excalibur 9-ft Shuffleboard Table

Hathaway Excalibur 9-ft Shuffleboard Table

Hathaway Excalibur table is 9 ft long, crafted from engineered wood, and has a sturdy X pattern support base that can offer rock-solid stability and durability. Its design attracts me because that comes with a well-built cabinet covered with a beautiful rust driftwood melamine finish that exposes the natural imperfections and designs of reclaimed wood. 

Also, this handsome table is equipped with a poly-coated play surface, super slick for even and smooth sliding action. And did you notice? It comes with carpeted gutters for pucks inside to reduce noise during play.

The high-quality components and upscale farmhouse design create a stylish and elegant look that ends and lasts till the game ends.

Moreover, it includes bronze accents to give the final touches to the stunning shuffleboard top. Thanks to the Hathaway manufacturers who provide us to play the best. With built-in scoring units, you can keep track of the action. So, keep tracking and play with your family and friends!

What do I Dislike in the Hathaway Excalibur 9-ft Shuffleboard Table?

I have had the Hathaway Excalibur 9-ft Table for about a year and a half now, and I have to say that I dislike it. The reason that I dislike it is that it is not very sturdy. It has started to wobble a bit, and it isn’t very stable. I would not recommend this table to anyone.

  • Smooth action
  • Style and performance
  • Smooth play
  • Pattern support base
  • Not very sturdy like other tables

How do you maintain the Hathaway Shuffleboard Table?

We recommend maintaining a Hathaway table with a mixture of traditional environmentally safe water and ¼ cup of white vinegar, and two drops of any oil. It will be a good cleaner and polish for a table. The vinegar pulls dirt out of the wood top, and the oil lubricates the wooden top so it should not dry out. 

Final Verdict

The Hathaway is the best shuffleboard table choice for family recreation as it comes with steel support bars that offer rugged stability and strength even in the most intense competition. The reinforced base of the table with independent leg levelers ensures a smooth level game. 

5. GoSports Shuffleboard Top Board Game

GoSports Shuffleboard Top Board Game

Go sports table is two in one premium top to add value. It is a great addition to shuffleboard and curling because the top is made with high-quality wood, solidly constructed, and crafted offers and guarantees realistic and smooth gameplay. This best Go sports tabletop is much better than cheap rollout mat versions. 

Also, the table is equally opted for by new, beginners, and skilled professional players of all ages. It is easy for the player to pick up the shuffleboard and curling due to the fun and experience. 

Besides, the quality and craftsmanship make the curling game the best gift for kids and adults. However, the size of the fun tabletop makes it a great choice and a must-have for anyone’s board game collection.

That’s why the premium-built shuffleboard is perfect for making game night and BBQ a memorable hit.

What do I dislike in GoSports Shuffleboard Top Board Game?

I don’t like how the shuffleboard top board game can be fast-paced, especially when playing with more than two people. But it is best for two players!

  • Easy to use
  • Strong and durable
  • Made from solid materials
  • 2 in-1 game design
  • No cons found

GoSports Shuffleboard Table is the Product of Which Country?

GoSports shuffleboard tables are made and designed in Southern California and made from solid wood.  

Final Verdict

Overall, it is one of the best shuffleboards because it is a great option for playing dual games like curling on one side and shuffleboard on the other. The table comes with sliding pucks, a manual included for table rules, and a huge size made from wide and solid wood.

6. Hathaway BG 1203 Avenger Shuffleboard Table

Hathaway BG 1203 Avenger Shuffleboard Table

Hathaway BG table is the best choice for the whole family and friends, as this classic shuffleboard is the perfect collection for any game room and home. The Avenger provides a stylish package and handsome and high-quality material.

The table is made from a poly-sealed surface to ensure even and accurate competition. Its elegant and carpet-padded gutters proffer noise fee and whisper-soft play. 

Besides, this table is traditional American because all products are designed and crafted in America. Therefore they have made high-quality controlled materials with the efforts of US-based employees.

Hathaway shuffleboard table comes with unique and innovative features like poly sealed playing surface, carpet padded gutters, quality engineered wood construction, and silver-toned Abacus scoring.

Like a sleek and sophisticated table, it is suitable for any home or office and a club room. Its wood-grained design is elegant and beautiful enough to delight your friends and family member during your whole playtime.

Also, you will get accessories for Avenger, including 4 blue pucks, 4 red pucks, and shuffleboard wax. Thanks to Hathaway, who provide us with the table accessories with it!

What do I dislike in Hathaway BG 1203 Avenger Shuffleboard Table?

I recently purchased a Hathaway BG 1203 Avenger Shuffleboard Table, and I have to say that I’m not very impressed. Because the shuffleboard puck sometimes goes flying off the table, which makes it difficult to play.

  • Secure game
  • Solid made
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Tournament quality game
  • Sometimes the puck goes flying

What makes a good Hathaway shuffleboard table?

The common materials used for Hathaway tables are Russian Birch, North American Maple wood, popular and white maple, and Canadian soft maple. However, the regular shuffleboard tables are made from solid hardwood playing surfaces. These materials are more durable and immune to dings and dents.

Final Verdict

Hathaway BG table is one of the best and perfect tables with independent levelers to ensure an even playing field. And I also checked, the company promises the delivery of the product without any damage. It offers the replacement offer; otherwise, the delivery of entirely the new table to the customer without charging any additional shuffleboard cost.

7. Atomic 9 Platinum Shuffleboard Table

 Atomic 9 Platinum Shuffleboard Table

The platinum shuffleboard table offers all the fun with a classic 22-inch top that can fit almost any space. However, the table comes with stylish, high-quality material, and a modern design is a perfect fit and addition to your rec room. In addition, the top of the table is also 94 ¾ inches wide with a solid play surface and a polar-coated smooth surface for the fast puck and smooth action. 

For easy scoring, the table comes with 1,2, and 3 goal lines; as in a shuffleboard game, the perfectly leveled surface is critical to handle.

Furthermore, it has 4 leg levelers for accuracy and precision in adjusting the table corners.

If your floor surfaces are not perfectly smooth and stable, the leg levelers ensure the perfectly leveled table is for hard and intense competition. 

You can experience the game well with abacus-style scoring with this quality table. You can focus on your shots rather than the abacus-style score that offers you competition.

What do I dislike in Atomic 9 Platinum Shuffleboard Table?

I dislike how hard it is to move the table. It’s almost as if you need two people to move it. However, a single person can’t be moved; otherwise, the table is the best as I thought!

  • Durable construction
  • Included accessories
  • Fast puck action
  • Poly-coated top
  • Heavy weighted

What is the size of the shuffleboard table? 

There are 9 to 22-foot shuffling tables that vary in size from 16 to 20 inches in width, and the thickness of the board varies from 1.5 to 3 inches. All sizes of shuffleboard are fun.

Final Verdict

Overall, this table has a black exterior with silver accents that can create a simple and modern design that perfectly fits your space. However, the interior parts of the table are lined and equipped with durable black cloth that adds an elegant look to the table and compliments the black exterior of the table.

8. American legend Kirkwood Light Up a Shuffleboard Table

American legend Kirkwood Light Up a Shuffleboard Table

The American legend Kirk shuffleboard table is a two-in-one table with a bowing combination of two beloved games to provide a unique twist. Plus, the Kirkwood tables come with grey carpeted gutters, rustic wood-grained finish, and k-shaped legs are a big addition to classic looks. 

Playing on the American Legend table’s LED light-up rails will give you an arcade feel.

However, the table is equipped with an AC adapter to power the LED adapter, pinsetter, and 10 bowling pins.

The function of the pinsetter is to prevent the pins from falling off from the side of the table. Despite this, it is also for bowling, and the eight chrome metal weighted pucks for this classic game.

Therefore, purchasing the shuffleboard table with powder reduces friction to provide a smooth playing experience. All table pieces are sturdy and durably made of quality materials, and the wax comes in additional accessories that work great to lubricate the table’s rails.

What do I dislike in American Legend Kirkwood Light Up a Shuffleboard Table?

Something about the cheesy, American-inspired shuffleboard table rubs me the wrong way. Sure, it’s a fun game to play with friends and family, but Kirkwood’s tabletop version doesn’t quite live up to my lofty expectations.

  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Modern style
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Limited warranty of 30 days

 How does the American Legend Shuffleboard table Ship?

The shuffleboard table’s legs and cradle are shipped and delivered in separate cartons. It will contain a shuffleboard playing field and a butcher block. As a whole, this piece can weigh up to several hundred pounds.

Final Verdict

Unlike other tables, the Kirkwood tables can best accommodate two games at once. While with an unlimited bowling set, you can play two games at once.

9. Hathaway Austin 9′ Shuffleboard Table

Hathaway Austin 9' Shuffleboard Table

With Hathaway Austin Shuffleboard tables, you can enjoy the smooth and accurate performance of the entire gameplay. With the Hathaway table, you will add a handsome centerpiece to your recreation room with this furniture-grade cabinet with a scratch-resistant surface, abacus-style scoring, and vintage.

Also, you can store anything on the table as they provide integrated storage with the additional functionality of the elegant and luxurious table countertop.

Another thing I noticed in this table is that you can use it as your outdoor shuffleboard table because it is equipped with integrated climatic adjusters so that the temperature will be adjustable for the outside of the room. Yet, the humidity and moisture change the table’s surface, and the convenient climatic adjusters make the playing field easy to play, smooth, and even the top. 

Playing shuffleboard on the Austin table is easy since it comes with all the accessories you need, including 4 red pucks and 4 blue pucks.

For cleaning, one can of table wax to lubricate the rails and a table brush.

The table has carpeted walls, gutters for the noise-free game, pedestal legs with built-in storage, and stabilized style levelers.    

What do I dislike about Hathaway Austin 9′ Shuffleboard Table?

I recently purchased a Hathaway Austin 9′ table. I must say that overall I am very pleased with the table; however, there are things that I do not like about it.

  • Superior surface
  • Precision and accuracy
  • Expertly crafted
  • High-grade wood
  • Table is thin

What is to be Installed in Hathaway Austin Shuffleboard Tables?

The legs and frame of Hathaway Austin shuffleboard tables are shipped separately, but the assembly of these parts is very simple and not complicated. It is essential to assemble the table parts with care and attention, followed by the user manual provided by the company. The main effort in assembling the table is to lift the shuffleboard playing field.

Final Verdict

The Hathaway Austin shuffleboard table is the best to play with as it is equipped with interior walls. Also, the gutters are lined and padded with shock and sound-absorbent carpets to reduce the noise.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Shuffleboard Tables

Buying the shuffleboard table by reading the shuffleboard reviews and important tips to help you get the best one.

Shuffleboard Material

One of the best wood for shuffleboard tables is North American maple, which grows in the North American continent. The wood was used in the antique tables initially built in the early 40s and is still in trend today. Other types of wood are also available, but maple wood is one of the best types for these tables, only found in North America. 

All our selected tables are manufactured with quality materials, and all woods come from local sources. Most factories are located far away from the world where quality maple grows. All the shuffleboard table brands are made from hard rock maple made in the factory.

Shuffleboard Playing Surface Finish

The finish of the shuffleboard table plays a great role and is very important with the available technology. Yet, the quality tables are made with a developed and high-quality finish that allows you to use the table for a lifetime warranty on the traditional board finish.

We still recommend the polymer-poured epoxy finish for those who prefer or are ordered with a custom logo and graphic decals on the board surfaces. 

Cabinets Design

There is a wide variety of classes and wood options for the designs of cabinets as it impacts the price and cost of shuffleboard tables. The factory-made tables sit on MDF because we use ¾-inch shop-grade hardwood plywood. Therefore you can choose the table with the best cabinet design.

Shuffleboard Climate Adjusters

The aim of the climatic adjusters in the shuffleboard tables is to offer the climate changes and keep the playing surface smooth and even. However, the table surface should be a bit concave in shape so the pucks cannot fall off the sides of the tabletop. As the playing surface of this game is not flat, it is essential to adjust the board. 

Size of the Shuffleboard Table

Size of the Shuffleboard Table

One of the most important factors while purchasing the shuffleboard table is the size, as there are many sizes to opt from. The ideal shuffleboard table dimensions only depend on the available space in your home.

It does not mean that you should use only that table that can properly fit into your space. You should have clear space, so there should be enough room to play easily. There should be 2 feet of the area around the table to move with comfort. 

Playing Field Thickness

Shuffleboard tables should have enough thickness to provide enough stability in the game. In case you want to refinish the table in the future, the thickness of the table will offer some room for sanding.

The ideal thickness of the indoor shuffleboard table is 3 inches which you should aim for. Also, remember that the table’s thickness should be of actual wood but not the combined thickness of the wooden board and the finish. 

The Outer Cabinet of the Shuffleboard Table

It is a common belief that the outer cabinet does not matter at all in the shuffleboard game, but the structure and weight play a vital role in the game. Most people think that the cabinet is important only for aesthetics. But it is equally important as the actual playing field is essential. 

Besides, the cabinets that come with solid hardwood are heavy and strong. So these tables add weight that can hold the table, especially during intense games. Some brands are more particular about the description. And they add the material and name of the model of the table in review to make the decision easy to choose from.  

Shuffleboard Table Game Rules

The main aim of the shuffleboard game is to slide the puck by hand, alternating all four weights against the opponent. So that they can reach the highest-scoring region without falling off the end into the board, a player’s weight should be down to the board than his opponent’s weight to score the position. 

The player can get this by either knocking off the opponent’s weight or outdistancing. Shuffleboard weights are known as pucks, but the common name is weight. 

To play a fair game, following rules, one must know.

Well-Placed Shuffleboard Pucks

This is one of the most important rules to know and a skill to develop. Learn how to place a weight or puck as far as possible down to the board. The puck should not fall off at the end of the board; this skill and rule are best achieved with practice.

Attack the Pucks of the Opponent

After learning how to place a puck in the high-scoring region, the player should know how to attack and knock off the opponent’s pucks, as this rule will help them do the highest score. Frequent and regular practice will go through you to develop this skill and follow the rule.

Protecting and Blocking your Puck

The player should protect his puck from the opponent’s subsequent attacks. This is known as screening or blocking the weight or puck. Place your succeeding puck behind the leading puck in a position such that your opponent cannot touch your leading puck while attacking.

Do not place the blocking puck close to the scoring weight because a professional player will attack and remove both pucks.

Learn to use Both Hands

Shuffleboard is a type of game in which the efficiency and ability of the player are required, and the player should be able to use both hands during the play. With frequent and a lot of practice, one can learn to play with equal skill with even one hand.

Try to play and shoot an equal number of shots; if you learn this rule, you can be a professional in a game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best size shuffleboard?

Most people want to get the largest table size to fit their homes and play area. The best size of the shuffleboard table closest to the full-length regulation play is 16 feet, as the difference from 16 to 22 is not so noticeable.

What shuffleboard should I buy?

Most of the shuffleboard tables are made from wood, and the best options are featured solid American maple or white maple. These tables are most expansive but are resistant to heat and humidity. They are also less likely to dent and scratch or damage pucks during gameplay.

Is Hathaway good shuffleboard?

Hathaway is a good and great option for high-quality shuffleboards, tables, and accessories. Over the past centuries, Hathaway games have earned the distinction. It is the fastest-growing game room product brand in the gaming industry because the company does not compromise on quality.

Is a 12-foot shuffleboard table too short?

Yes, a 12-foot shuffleboard table is a threshold for smaller or mid-sized tables. But the shorter tables are easy to play on.


We have reviewed various shuffleboard tables, but we must not divert our attention from the play craft Wood bridge shuffleboard table. Behind this best value table, play craft shuffleboard reviews, it offers top quality and craftsman construction.

Moreover, the Play Craft shuffleboard tables come with the pro-style climatic adjuster to be resistant according to climatic changes. The table is easy to assemble and has a smooth finish, double-paneled arched pedestal legs, and shelves for additional storage space. These are the features liked by beginners to professional players of shuffleboard.

So what are you waiting for? Choose the best and play the best!

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