Cornilleau Ping Pong Table

Cornilleau Ping Pong Table for Indoor and Outdoor (Reviews)

You would be excited to get a table tennis table in your backyard, especially when a ping pong game is happening in your house. For those who want a ping pong table, there is a cornilleau ping pong table.

So, if you have never heard about it before, let me introduce you to the cornilleau ping pong table, a new type made with durable plastic and easy to clean and maintain.

What to Look for When Buying Cornilleau Ping Pong Tables

Cornilleau ping pong tables are the best choice for any home. Unlike conventional ping pong tables, they are easy to assemble, lightweight, and can fold up for easy storage. They can withstand high traffic and are ideal for parties, families, and friends who like table tennis.


They are available in a range of colors. Some of them come with wheels, so you can easily move them wherever you want. You can choose to go for a complete package or just the table.


Most ping pong tables come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. It depends on the size of your room to select the best ping pong table according to its available space.


When choosing a ping pong table, remember that the table should have sufficient space to move the paddles back and forth. It should also be easy to assemble and take apart so you can change the paddles whenever needed.

In general, there are two types of ping pong tables – plastic and wood. Plastic table costs less than wood; therefore, they can be an ideal choice for the young generation.

In case you want a traditional wooden table, then go for a more expensive option. It is always better to buy an elegant, stylish table that is durable and sturdy enough for the whole family.


They are very affordable if you want to buy cornilleau ping pong tables. However, they also offers a huge variety of models, and you can choose the one that matches your needs. They also provide a warranty on all of their products so that you do not have to worry about anything.

You can check out these best cornilleau ping pong tables reviews.

5 Cornilleau Ping Pong Table

1) Cornilleau 300X Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Cornilleau 300X Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Cornilleau 300X outdoor ping pong table is a very simple design. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble and comes with a nice carrying case.

As a ping pong table, it is made of durable materials and come with rubber feet. But they’re cheap-looking and aren’t strong. Also, if you look closely, they aren’t rubber at all. The table has small holes, so it’s easy to clean and disinfect, which is always nice.

And if you want to store the table when not in use, storage bags are included in the box. Just attach the bag to the table before folding it up for transport. This way, the table won’t take up space in your garage or shed.

However, this ping pong table only holds 4 players. I find it’s better to play in teams of 2 or 3 since the table is not large enough to hold 4 players comfortably.

It’s easy to install – you simply lay it down and unfold the net. Then you pull the net back up so it slots into the posts on either side of the table. And that’s it!

There are some downsides, though. First, it’s not strong – it could break if you had a sudden impact or bump. The legs also won’t support the table very well, and the net posts don’t hold the net well. And the plastic doesn’t seem like it’s built to last.

I expected the table to hold up better and have more sturdy materials. But unfortunately, this is a cheap piece of furniture, and you can’t expect much for your money.

If you need to use this table at the beach, make sure you bring something sturdy to keep the table from getting wet.

What is good and what’s Not Good in this paddle?
The Cornilleau 300X outdoor table tennis table has many pros: it is very easy to set-up and take down, it is portable, it is versatile, and it is affordable. However, some cons of the Cornilleau 300X outdoor table tennis table are that it is not very durable, it can be difficult to find replacement parts, and people may find it difficult to play on because of its size.

2) Cornilleau 600X Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Cornilleau 600X Outdoor Table Tennis Table

The Cornilleau 600X table is pretty awesome! For starters, it’s made from metal. I love to see that. It looks like it’s made from some stainless steel material, which makes me happy.

In terms of measurements, the Cornilleau is a really wide table with thick taper legs. From side to side, it’s around 700 mm wide.

That means it’s very big compared to the average table tennis table, but it’s still not big enough to compete with those giant outdoor table tennis tables.

And since it’s huge, you might struggle to store it when you’re not using it, and that’s why I’m mentioning the leg adjustment ring. It’s one of the biggest selling points of this table. Not only is it adjustable, but it’s removable too, so it’s easy to store in a closet.

Since it’s made from metal, the Cornilleau has a nice, sturdy feel. It’s heavy, so you won’t be moving it around easily. But it’s not heavy to carry. It weighs only 8 kg, which is surprisingly lightweight.

You can adjust the angle by rotating the legs, and the angle is quite precise, as only 6 points on each leg can be adjusted. You can even pull them out to raise the height by a centimetre, which is great for storage.

However, you can use the included ball lock when you adjust the legs. I love that part, as it allows for easy ball storage. You can rest the ball on the table when you remove the lock.

This is another really neat feature, and it’s really useful. If you want to serve, keep the ball on the table and get into a comfortable position. One of the most notable things about the Cornilleau is that it

What is good and what’s Not Good in this paddle?
The pros of the Cornilleau 600X Outdoor Table Tennis Table are that it is a large, sturdy table that is easy to set up. It also has a very wide variety of shipping options, making it possible to get it delivered to your house quickly. The cons of the table are that it is not very portable and can be difficult to store when not in use.

3) Cornilleau 250 Indoor Table

Cornilleau 250 Indoor Table

We were looking for a sturdy table to play on in our family room. The Cornilleau 250 INDOOR table looked like it would do the job, and it does!

It’s perfect for family games and can even be used for children’s parties. The net fits very securely to prevent damage and is super easy to adjust. It doesn’t get heavy at all and is very stable.

The ball compartment can hold up to 5 balls and can also be adjusted to fit all sizes of balls. There’s no need to empty it; it’s extremely convenient.

However, the table tennis ball that comes with this ping pong table are soft and smooth, so it’s good for beginners. If you want to start your table tennis tournaments, this is the right table for you.

It’s compact enough to fit on a small flat surface but still heavy enough to stand up to lots of play. The adjustable net works perfectly and makes it easy to adjust according to the size of your playing area. This model is suitable for families with children, too, as plenty of parts can be put away in the compartments when you don’t need them.

If you don’t know where to begin with table tennis, this is the ideal ping-pong table.

Each compartment has a standard size, so you can easily put everything away after the game. And we also noticed that, this ping pong table has plenty of compartments so that it will take up less space in your house.

This reliable and affordable table tennis table will last for many years and give you ample enjoyment. It’s great value for money and a nice addition to any living room.

What is good and what’s Not Good in this paddle?
We noticed, the Cornilleau 250 is a durable and stylish piece of furniture of the paddle. Additionally, it is easy to clean because of its simple design. Therefore, with this paddle you can play easily without any worrying of cleaning. While, the cons of the table are that it is not adjustable, and it can be difficult to move around.

4) Cornilleau 700X Outdoor Tennis Table

Cornilleau 700X Outdoor Tennis Table

This Cornilleau outdoor table tennis table is an exception to the rule. It has a large taper, is made of thick sheet metal, and comes with accessories designed for your table tennis game.

The table has a leg height adjustment that ranges from 1cm to 5cm, which makes it extremely versatile for different heights. These are adjustable by pulling a lever on the side of the table, so you don’t need to use tools to make adjustments.

Another great thing about this table is that the table comes with two sets of corner protectors that can use with either regular or wooden corner pins. However, the protectors help to prevent your table from being damaged in the event of an unexpected fall.

With this table, you can remove accessories because it has two removable accessory holders that can be attached to the table. They come with ball dispensers and cup holders. The ball dispenser works by rotating the ball from the front of the table.

It’s convenient for when you’re serving, as you don’t need to get off your seat to move the ball. You can also use the cup holder when you want to serve a beverage or snack to your opponent.

With a retractable carry-over handle, you have incredible space to save with this table. This enables you to easily transport the table around without disturbing your balance.

I was impressed by the quality of the table and the accessories that came with it. It seems like they were carefully selected to fit the needs of table tennis players.

What is good and what’s Not Good in this paddle?
Unlike Cornilleau 300X table are that it is a durable table that can withstand weather conditions and it is also lightweight so it is easy to move. While, we noticed, the only drawback of the Cornilleau 700X include that it does not come with a warranty and it is expensive.

5) Cornilleau 500 Indoor Table

Cornilleau 500 Indoor Table

Cornilleau’s 500 is one of the best ping pong tables for indoor use, and the first time I used it, I really loved it.

I purchased this table for my parents, who like to play doubles regularly, so I was delighted when the table arrived in a sturdy box that protected the contents during delivery.

It has a unique shape that makes it easy to clean, with no sharp edges anywhere and no corners to get stuck in the legs.

It’s very smooth and comfy, which will help prevent injury and encourage the best form of movement. However, the rubber bumper on the side of the table gives it enough durability to cope with the knocks and bumps while playing.

The table is made from metal and rubber, with a hardwood frame and felt cover. When you pick it up, it feels like it’s solid and substantial, making it feel like it can handle whatever happens while you’re using it.

You won’t find any crevices or gaps on this table, which will help protect your legs and give you more confidence.

This table comes in two sizes: 500 and 600. If you’re planning to use it as an adult table, the 500 is perfect for you. It has an 11′ table length and a 13′ width. Therefore you can place it in your home as well.

The table was easy to assemble, and the instructions were pretty clear. There are also lots of pictures to show you exactly how to put it together and where everything is placed.

After putting the table together, it took me about 30 minutes, and then I could start playing. The table is already set up to be stable and comfortable.

I like to pick the color of the table before buying it, and it’s great that the range is designed to suit everyone’s personality!

What is good and what’s Not Good in this paddle?
It is a sturdy table that can hold a lot of weight, it is easy to clean, and it is a great value for the price. While, when we consider on the drawback we found this paddle is very difficult to move around because of its weight, and it is not very efficient when it comes to energy conservation.


It’s hard to find a truly high-quality ping-pong table. There are a lot of cheap plastic ones. But a nice wooden table will cost you upwards of $1000 or more. So, buying an expensive ping pong table might not be practical if you are serious about learning to play ping pong. That is why I recommend the Cornilleau Ping Pong Table.

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