How Much Do Table Tennis Players Make

How Much Do Table Tennis Players Make

The top 100 table tennis players earn between $3,000 and $35,000 per win. Most of these players have been on the circuit for over five years. They play matches regularly and participate in tournaments. These players have a high level of skill and have mastered their game. 

How much do table tennis players earn? Table tennis players ranked below ITTF 60 can make up to 40-50,000 EUR per year. Those who make between $3,000 and $100,000 per year are ITTF 60. Players above ITTF 70 can make more than 120,000 dollars. A player in this category has won a world title or participated in a World Cup tournament. They are usually the number one table tennis player in the world. Some of the best players are ranked at ITTF 100-150.

Table tennis players earn more money if they are good at their game. Their skill level helps them to perform at a higher level. As a result, they become more popular.

Prize Money at Table Tennis Tournaments

WTT Grand Smash$2,000,000
WTT Champions$400,000
WTT Contender$75,000
WTT Star Contender$250,000
WTT Cup Finals$750,000
WTT Feeder Series$20,000

Table tennis tournaments are held worldwide every year. And in these tournaments, the prize money is quite significant. In fact, if you’re a top-level player, the prize money can be pretty high.

So, what does the prize money consist of?

The first-place prize money varies, depending on the tournament.

But the second-place prize money is always about 20 times bigger than the first-place prize money. And the third place prize money, it’s about 100 times bigger than the first place prize money.

For example, at the ITTF World Open Table Tennis Championships, the first-place prize money is about $20,000. The second-place prize money is about $300,000. And the third-place prize money is approximately $20,000 – $400,000 million.

Sponsorship of the Table Tennis Players 

How much does a table tennis player make per year? Table tennis players can earn quite a lot of money if they play regularly. Sports teams and companies sponsor many table tennis players. This will help you to get a job as a table tennis coach or as a player.

Sponsorships can be divided into two types. Salary sponsorship is one type of sponsorship. Companies hire players to represent their brands in matches. The salary usually depends on the level of the player. For example, the highest-paid players earn around $10,000 per week.

Sponsorship of the Table Tennis Players 

They often make appearances at promotional events, commercials, and other shows. Sponsors often choose a player already famous for having an online presence. These players have a large following on social media, and companies think they can increase their brand awareness by choosing this type of player.

The second type of sponsorship is free branded equipment. It is common for the best players to have their team uniform and bat. Some players wear uniforms sponsored by the company for the whole season, while others only wear them when they play. Players who wear these uniforms often get more attention and therefore are more likely to win their matches. It’s important to remember that the company doesn’t provide the player with this kit. The players purchase it on their own. They can do this for several reasons.

Who is the Highest-paid Table Tennis Player?

Ma Long earned around 3 million U.S. dollars in 2016.

His salary in the Chinese Super League is 60000 U.S. dollars per month, so it’s a minimum of 12 million U.S. dollars per year.

He’s also the best player on the Chinese National Team. Also, he plays a lot of tournaments for DHS and always gets the top 5 rankings.

He gets more than half of the prize money in every tournament he plays.

So Ma Long earns at least 18 million U.S. dollars per year.

Average Range of Earnings

Table tennis is a popular sport for both men and women worldwide. For the average player in the world, the minimum wage for a table tennis player is $3000 to $30,000, and the maximum salary is around $100,000 per year.

However, it is a challenging sport and requires a lot of skill, strength, stamina, endurance, concentration, and coordination. The success of a table tennis player depends mostly on their mental preparation and physical fitness. You have to train a lot and have a lot of patience to improve yourself.

This means that you need a lot of energy to practice, train, and play. As we know, table tennis is a sports game played with a wooden paddle and a rubber ball, and it takes a lot of work to achieve consistent results. However, helps you to understand what a table tennis player earns and how much you can earn by playing table tennis in today’s era.

The average salary of a professional table tennis player is about $30,000 per year. According to my research, the salary of a table tennis player increases with age, and if you are 20-29 years old, then the average salary of a professional player is $10,000,000. 

If you are 30-39 years old, the average salary is $3000 to $25,000 per year, and if you are older than 40 years old, the average salary is $25,000 per year.

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How Much Do Table Tennis Players Earn? (Richest and Most Renowned Table Tennis Players)

We have previously discussed how much table tennis players make. Now it’s time to discuss the actual table tennis pay and how much the top players earn from the game. For many years, the top players have been making anywhere from $10k a year to $60k per year, sometimes higher. Below is a review of the top 5 highest-paid table tennis players on the market today.

How Much Do Table Tennis Players Earn
  1. Jean-Michel Salve – A table tennis player holds the number 1 spot. He has been the number 1 player for the past 2 years and currently holds a base salary of $15 million and an estimated bonus of $5 million. He has won 2 World Championships and 3 Grand Slams so far.
  2. Wang Ligin – A Chinese table tennis player who recently became the number 1 ranked player on the world market for only 1 month. In fact, he has been considered the best player since 2010. He also has a base salary of $20 million and an estimated bonus of $5 million. Wang is a former junior champion and is currently the Asian Games Champion.
  3. Chen Jing A Chinese table tennis player and one of the greatest table tennis players on the planet right now. He has been number 1 ranking for the past 12 months and has won 2 world championships and 7 Grand Slams. He holds a base salary of $18 million.
  4. Zhang Jike A table tennis player from China. Zhang was just recently the number 1 ranked player in the world, but he is quickly approaching the number 1 position again. He is a former Asian games champion and a former junior champion. He has a base salary of $10 million.
  5. Ma Long He is the richest table tennis player who currently holds a number 5 ranking in the world. He is a former Asian Games champion. However, he has a 5 million dollar estimated earnings from table tennis.

What can table tennis players do when they Retire?

When a professional player retires, they go into coaching. Some of them get into the business of personal coaching and make big bucks. If you were ever ranked in the World Top 10 ITTF world rankings list, you were a world-class player at some point so you could charge high rates for your lessons. It’s not easy to gain even one ITTF point.

Players not only think all day long about the sport but also get advice from the best coaches in the world and discuss techniques and tactics with other equally prodigious players. Very few people have this knowledge, and they can charge regular players a lot of money for teaching them the tips that world-class coaches and players once taught them when they were players.

As a result of refining their techniques so much, they have a much more detailed eye than most players, both technically and tactically. They understand the tactical development of a match thoroughly, and they also know what the best techniques are for each player. This is why they can retire and be personal coaches for professional players or teach ordinary players for a high hourly fee. Many also establish their clubs.

Can you make a good career out of table tennis?

If you are interested in becoming a table tennis professional, you will need to ensure that you have the skills to be one. This means that you have to work very hard. Many players spend hours a day doing table tennis practice. The more you spend playing, the better your chance of making it into the top ten or twenty.

In addition to the hours you spend practicing, you must keep fit. If you are a heavy smoker or drink alcohol frequently, it can affect your health. You can easily be affected by a heart attack or liver problems if you smoke or drink too much. It can also cause you to lose more weight than you should.

As you know, losing weight can also affect your game. You can improve your skills if you spend a little time exercising. For instance, if you go to the gym three days a week, you can expect to get stronger and faster and improve your skill level. You can develop a good physique by going to the gym for a few days a week.

It can also help you lose weight. If you play table tennis for hours daily, you can improve your skills. For example, you will become faster if you practice for four hours each day.


The average annual income of a professional table tennis player is $30,000-$1,000,000 per year in the United States. While 40-50 000 EUR per year in Europe is quite good. 

I hope you learned how much table tennis players make from this article. But still, if you are confused, you can leave a comment below we will try to answer in detail.

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