How Much Does a Ping Pong Table Cost ( 2023 Updated Prices )

How Much Does a Ping Pong Table Cost

A ping pong table is very fun to play on and is always a lot of fun to watch. You can use it to play sports or just have a game with your family. It doesn’t matter if you are an amateur or a professional. The only thing that matters is to play on a table that you like.

A ping pong table costs $800-$1,000 depending on its size, materials, and features. Some tables have different features like a lighting system, sound system, and storage area. So it’s a good idea to shop around before buying a ping pong table.

For example, the cheaper one might not be well-constructed or have the same features as the better one. Of course, if you want to pay less, you can always find a used ping pong table. The problem with this option is that they may be in poor condition.

If you aren’t sure whether you should get one, think about how much time you want to spend on a table. Are you going to have it for a short time? Or, is this something you are going to enjoy for a long time? This decision will determine the price that you are willing to pay.

Cost of Average Ping Pong Table

The cost of ping pong tables is different according to the type of table you choose. The cost of indoor tables is around $150 to $400, outdoor ping pong tables are between $400 to $700, and the price of conversion tops tables is approximately $200 to $300. Premium and luxury tables come around for more than $1000. 

Different Types of Ping Pong Tables Costs

All types of ping pong tables are not ideal for all users, as it depends on your playing area. Before going into the details of ping pong table costs, let’s look at the types of ping pong tables.

  • Indoor tables
  • Outdoor tables
  • Conversion tops

Indoor Tables

Ping pong is an indoor game, as the main purpose of playing this brainy sport indoors is that any weather can affect the ball’s flight. Though the table tennis ball is lightweight and even a light wind can cause the ball’s speed, this factor greatly affects the gameplay.

Indoor ping pong Tables

Furthermore, any patches of water and rain can impact the ball’s bounce, diverting the player’s overall experience and gameplay. The indoor tables are the best options for those who enjoy spending time with their family and friends.

You can place your ping pong table in a separate area of your home and prepare for your gameplay and tournaments. The good news is that some ping pong tables also come with folding storage options in a very small space when you do not want to use them.

Moreover, indoor tables are ideal for office creation. It revitalizes the workplace, allows users to get more bang for their buck, and improves employee efficiency while purchasing the ping pong table. 

Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

The outdoor ping pong tables are tough to handle compared to the outdoor tables. However, they must be strong and sturdy enough to resist the weather conditions and environmental situations that exist all the time.

As a result, these tables are more vulnerable to spoilage and damage. For this reason, most companies pay attention to the durability of ping pong tables the most. 

Outdoor Ping Pong Tables

Furthermore, the material used for ping pong tables is tested before checking if it can resist harsh and tough weather conditions. If these tables are kept in inclement weather, and should not deteriorate and corrode. It is a fact that increased durability and extra work come at a cost. 

As outdoor tables are more durable, the price of ping pong tables is higher in the price range than the price of indoor ping pong tables. Therefore, outdoor tables are ideal for homes and offices with restricted space and a garden or backyard space behind the homes. 

Tops for Conversion Tables

Tops for Conversion Tables

Conversion table tops are the most suitable options to get the higher value of maximum versatility. Not all ping pong tables come with the extra space in their homes to store an indoor table tennis table.

Moreover, most homes do not have large backyards or gardens large enough to place outdoor table tennis tables. The conversion tops are great options for dining tables or center tables in your living rooms. 

Therefore, to meet your requirements, you can buy table tennis conversion tops in place of full-fledged ping pong tables at a greater price. The play game will be similar to playing at the regular table tennis table, except it will be altered into the ping pong table with a professional look.

This option offers you a strong and sturdy space without needing additional space in your home. 


How much should I invest in a ping pong table to make it attractive?

If you want to get the table that should be the center of attraction in your home or the commercial property, you can opt for the premium ranges above $1000 according to your planned budget.

Should I buy an Indoor Ping Pong or an Outdoor Ping Pong Table?

If you want to have match competitions according to the professional gameplay, consider buying indoor ping pong tables. However, if you want to get a recreational experience, an outdoor table with a professional look will be ideal. 

Is the ping pong table worth it?

Many good-quality tables are available at affordable prices, but expensive tables offer great performance and are long-lasting. You need to know which type of table you want to have according to your budget. The tables with good quality materials and tops are the best options for indoors and outdoors. The tables that come with the 1 inch thicker tables are worth considering.


We have successfully answered How Much Does a Ping Pong Table Cost in this post? It’s now your option that you like to have in your home. Buying the ping pong table is not simple as it seems, as you can cut corners due to your restricted budget. Otherwise, you will get quality tables if you opt for cheaper tables

For that reason, before buying the table, you should have a clear mindset. Because the ping pong table is not the table, you can replace it shortly as it is a big asset, so make sure to opt for one with durable construction and sturdy material for long-lasting use to make your investment worth it.   

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