How to Fix a Warped Shuffleboard Table – Tips to Restore Surface

How to Fix a Warped Shuffleboard Table

A warped shuffleboard table is a great way to test your table before purchasing. However, it won’t work well once you purchase the table because it is warped. This problem can take a lot of time and money to fix.

It is much easier to replace the warped table than fix the table. However, if you want to fix a warped table, you can check out our article about how to fix a warped shuffleboard table.

In this article, I will discuss how to fix a warped shuffleboard table and its cost.

How to Adjust Your Warped Table Shuffleboard 

Table shuffleboard can be as frustrating as it is addictive. But you don’t have to endure it. Here’s how to make your warped table shuffleboard a little easier.

Official Guide to Adjust your Wrapped table shuffleboard:

The key ingredient here is the warped table, a frame that allows you to tilt the board in different directions. These frames exist in different designs, some simple and inexpensive, while others are more complex and involve complicated mechanisms. I prefer simple designs that use a few screws, bolts, and hinges to allow the table to be set into various positions.

How You Build Your Wrapped Table?

The other big part of the game is the shuffler. A shuffleboard shuffler is a large wooden tray on wheels. However, the wood has grooves cut into it. That is where the balls will fall when they are shot.

Shufflers come in many sizes and shapes, but the most common ones have wheels that allow them to be moved around easily. I’ve included a link in the description that lists some of the shufflers available in the store.

Choosing a shuffler suitable for the table size and your playing space is important.

Once you’ve found a shuffler that fits, you can put it together. You’ll need to drill holes in the frame’s sides so the wheels can fit through. You also need to mark where the wheel will go.

You can use pencil lines or eyeball them. After drilling, the next step is to attach the legs to the frame. You must ensure that the top of the frame is level before moving on. You can cut the top down if you notice the top is too high.

You can also attach a pair of channel locks to the frame. This is another way to ensure the top of the frame is level before tightening the bolts.

Now that the table is set up, you can get the shuffler in place. You’ll have to determine which side of the table will be the shooting side. Then, you can move the shuffler to the side you determined was the shooting side.

How do you Restore a Shuffleboard Table?

Do you play shuffleboard? If so, you know how hard a game it is to play without a table. But what happens when that table needs repair? Fortunately, we have this how-to on a shuffleboard table restoration. This is a great option for someone who wants to restore their table but needs help.

Components and Steps to Restoring Your Gaming Table

There are two main components to ensuring your game table is tip-top. The first is the wood frame, and the second is the shuffleboard court. The wood frame usually holds the playing surface.

Step 1 – Build a Table Surface

Build a Table Surface

The table frame comprises metal tubes welded together to create a sturdy surface. There are three of these tubes, which are called legs. Two tubes should be attached directly to the floor, with the third tube extending outward from these tubes. A bolt on each end attaches the top tube to the floor.

The frame should inspect for cracks, holes, or breaks. If there are any, you must fix them before putting your new frame into action. Cracks in the metal can be easily fixed, but fixing a hole will require a lot of work.

To fix a hole in the top leg, you must remove the bolts and drill out the hole. Once the hole is drilled, the leg can be repaired with a screw and glue.

Step 2 – Build a Table Legs

Build a Table Legs

The second leg of the shuffleboard table, one that extends downward, should be inspected. Two screws that go through the base of the leg are attached to the floor. Look carefully at the area around the screws and if there are any splits or loose screws.

However, you can take care of those by tightening the screws down. You may also need to remove the screws and replace them if they are starting to loosen.

Step 3 – Place a Wood on the Bottom

Place a Wood on the Bottom

The bottom tube is the most difficult to inspect. To remove the screws on the bottom of the frame, you must first remove the base. If the base is in place, you must pry it out of the ground by placing a piece of wood on the bottom leg and pushing the leg down until it comes out.

Step 4 – Adjust the Screws

Adjust the Screws

Once the base has been pulled out, the next step is to get to the screws. There are two at the bottom of the frame, and they need to be removed.

If you are having trouble removing the screws, you can wrap a towel around the screw and pull the towel away as the screw is removed.

Step 5 – Fixed the Shuffleboard Parts

Fixed the Shuffleboard Parts

Next, you need to remove the screws holding the base of the bottom leg. If there are cracks in the frame around the screws, you will need to use a hammer to push out the cracks so that you can remove the screws. The bottom tube needs to be inspected for splits or broken screws.

You can pry out the cracked leg sections with a hammer or something similar. Once the cracked part has been pulled out, you can fix the remaining parts of the leg with screws and glue.

The frame should now inspect again to ensure it is in good condition. All of the cracks should have been repaired, and you can install the base and the top tube.

Step 6 – Final Wrapping a Table

The final step is to secure the top and bottom of the frame with new screws. The top and bottom of the top tube should be inspected for cracks. You can repair cracks in the top leg with screws and glue on the inside of the top to ensure that it does not split when it dries.

When it is time to attach the top leg to the bottom leg, ensure you tighten the screws very firmly. If there is any play in the legs, you will feel it. A tight connection between the top and bottom of the frame makes the playing surface level, ensuring that your ball will land on the board consistently.

How do you Restore a Shuffleboard Table?

Once the top and bottom of the frame are tightened properly, you can begin to place the wood top over the frame. The top should fit tightly to the top of the frame. If the top does not fit properly, you can use wood shims. You may need to add a few as the top does not fit the first time perfectly.

Ensure your shuffleboard table is up to par before getting ready to play.


How concave should a shuffleboard table be?

Concave! If you look at a pool table, you will see that most of the edges are not flat. A shuffleboard table is designed to have concave edges. The concave edges mean that the table slides over a smaller surface than the surface of the pool balls, giving the players a wider area to play in.

Can you resurface a shuffleboard table?

Yes! That’s how they resurfaced ours! We took it apart and gave it a new surface; then, we put our new, fresh, white tiles all over it. It looks great now!

How do you coat a shuffleboard table?

The first shuffleboard tables had felt cushions on top of the playing field. These cushions covered the entire playing surface but were so soft that they allowed players to kick them out of the way when they wished to play in a certain spot.


After getting the best shuffleboard table, how do you fix a warped shuffleboard table? This is a question I asked myself as I searched for the answer online. 

And after trying just about everything, I finally found a method that worked for me. Read above how I fixed my warped shuffleboard table with the right tools. 

Share your thoughts on fixing a warped shuffleboard table in the comments.

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