Make Your Rubber Sticky Again – This is How! (Simple Guide)

Make Ping Pong Paddles Sticky

In what way do we not see this? You purchase a new racket or latex and are pleased to, in conclusion, take the correct holdover. I frequently accepted a new blade or rubber as quickly as the old one was no longer gummy enough. 

You can make the rubber sticky in top gears if the rubber needs to be played down. Primary, you just fresh the table tennis racket with water, possibly a cleanser. Then you frequently apply sunflower oil to the rubber, feast it, and lease it gasping. As well as this life hack, you may use caring pictures and rubber promoters.

In the survey, though, that was early in most excellent gears. If the skull no longer makes the needed turn owed to the want of hold, receipt of a new one must be the latter choice. Since there is a complete guide on how to make your rubber sticky again with which, you may have the rubber sticky once more. 

Let’s discuss making the paddle rubber sticky again!

This is How to Make your Rubber Sticky Again!

There may be diverse explanations for wherefore a paddle does not pole any longer. You must consequently check the motive because yours no longer takes the essential hold.

In the following few outlines, I will clarify the most excellent means to do this. You may also need to read how to hold your paddle.

How to Make your Rubber Sticky Again

1. Clean it

The actual original thing you must prepare is clean the shallow. The answer to why it is no longer pole may be that it is dirty or muddy. 

Here are unusual scrubbing bunches for this, but in top gears scrubbing with water and perhaps a minute of soap is sufficient. Just scrub the rubber prudently together and then dry it fine. Be vigilant not to become new down on the racket by the dry fabric.

Endorsement: I here and now solely use a cleanser composed of an unusual luffa to clean my rackets. Later you only always require three drops; one decanter takes incessantly. The usual is offered for under $20:

Here and now, you may do the extra test and check uncertainty. The scrubbing was sufficient. Uncertainty the rubber still needs to be gluier, perhaps in the rubber. Trendy that case, you must make an effort the following…

2. Applying Sunflower Oil

This process is fair as modest as the term hums. You just put sunflower oil in the direction of the rubber and feast it well. In an ideal world, you habit an encounter for this. 

It is significant to tenancy the oil parched on the situation own. You can recurrence this more than a few times in a row if you are not pleased with the consequences.

This hoax works astonishingly fine. Though, the result typically does not previously that extended. Then you can, of absolutely, make this process every month and so retain the scull gluey for about time.

How to Make your Rubber Sticky Again

Except for the humorous odor, there are no drawbacks to neoprene. Then, of course, there are other means to make your racket grippy again. Conferring to ITTF, it is not allowable for certified races to treat the rubber like this.

3. Use a Supporter

You can frequently recite that you put on promoters right to the rubber, similar to the oil. You might do this. Nevertheless, the correct request is to disperse the promoter at the rubber’s base, i.e., on the luffa.

For this, ensure you want to skin the rubber from scull wood and then cane it back on. It is optional to put on 2-3 coats of the rubber tuner. Among each layer, you have to gap around 24 hours.

Through this spell, the rubber drive twists and then levels once more. Later this way, only delicacies, the loofah and not the rubber, would also be allowable for a competition given to the producer. 

Though, I would be careful near with it in certified competitions. As the ITTF table tennis coalition denoted to the subsequent law when requested around the use of promoters: 

For entertaining players, promoters are motionless a good choice, though I would stab sunflower oil first before gainful money for them. 

4. Use Protective Film

You see these halts once you purchase a new racket. They also disjointedly defend the racket from grime once it is not in use. These foils give extra grip.

I cannot settle this, but these films are appropriate for a guard. 

5. Change Rubber or Purchase a New Racket

As said at the start, this would be the past selection. But ultimately, all the trickeries will no longer work. You may pay unusual attention to its toughness when purchasing a new rubber.

Why Would a Table Tennis Racket be Sticky?

Approximately might be a miracle because a table tennis racket wants to be tacky. Frequently, you would only see the same means for the rubbers to be slightly greasy. That is in what way I stroked for the greatest of my childhood.

You can give the ball a thrilling turn through a gluey scull, which benefits maximum shot methods. That resources your aggressive balls to become more momentum; your drive balls become more backspin, and your assists typically because of more unsafe.

It is also significant to see that there are various rubbers. Some are calculated to make a thrilling spin. The uncertainty they afterward mislay hold, the belongings of the rubber turn out to be strikingly smaller.

If you are used to a scull having no clasp, a tacky rubber may be a test at primary, and you might even finish up with extra balls on the left.

Through rubbers that are extra appropriate for disputing spin, though, this is a small deal.

How do Exam if the Scull is IImmobile and Sticky Sufficient?

The uncertainty is you need to be more reasonably sure whether the table tennis racket is gluey; the earlier you gross any more turns, you can examine it. The actual initial object to check is the illness of the rubber.

A new rubber or racket will typically aid if the rubber is very shabby or played down. If it silent looks satisfactory, you may check the hold:

To ensure this, take a page of the paper (confirm it is not dirty) and apply it on top of the rubber. Uncertainty sticks; that is a decent sign. Here and now, you may tend the racket up to some moment. Preferably, the paper would twig to the rubber.

Uncertainty about your rubber has tumbled over the quiz, though, is about no motive to be concerned since you can rapidly and effortlessly recover some clutch.

In What Way Does the Racket Remain Sticky Longer?

Once you purchase a new blade or take impartial pasted on new rubber, you famine it to endure tacky for as lengthy as likely. So, you would pay care to the following belongings:

1. Use a Case

Preferably, you, not solitary, use a caring film for the row but set it in a case or a cover. This means it is preferably endangered by grime and other circumstances.

2. Steady Cleaning

I have previously clarified in what way to clean a paddle. It is finest to do it often. This means it will retain its clasp as long as likely.

3. Virtuous Worth

I may only underline it once again: Worth brands a significant change. Sure, you may silently become a share out of a racket with the wiles I have exposed, but preferably, the hold impartial takes very long on its private. Then that means you do not track the danger of breaching the ITTF guidelines.


How can I make my table tennis rubber sticky again?

You can make your rubber sticky by applying sunflower oil to the rubber. Let it dry completely, and repeat the process until you get the required stickiness.

How do you make your grip sticky?

You can make your grip rubber sticky by applying the pine tar substitute, also known as bat wax or a mota stick. 

How do you revive a ping-pong rubber?

The best way to restore the ping pong rubber is to use olive oil; it won’t make the rubber long-lasting but can squeeze the tackiness out of them. 


So to conclude, how to make your rubber sticky again, preserving the grip and restoring the tackiness is essential if you want to play at a higher level. Most people want to make their rubber sticky and maintain the grip they already have. Any artificial clasp will work temporarily and will be against the ITTF rules. 

Therefore, if you won’t get the desired level of tackiness and stickiness, you should opt for the new one and clean them after every use to get the best result. 

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