How to Play Shuffleboard on iPhone

How to Play Shuffleboard on iPhone? Step-by-Step Guide of 2023

To play well, you’ll need to put in some time and effort. All devices have access to game center leaderboards and achievements. You can now play shuffleboard on imessages into your iPhone.

However, shuffleboard is a classic game that Begins with unlimited play per person. In this program, you can play against the opponent or by yourself. 

The goal of standard shuffleboard is to slide all four of your shuffleboard weights to the highest scoring area by hand, without them falling off the end of the shuffleboard and into the alley. But the main question is how to play shuffleboard on iPhone?

Let me know everything about how to play shuffleboard in imessages on iPhone in the below article;

Step By Step Guide of How to Play Shuffleboard on iPhone

We have searched a lot and asked the experts who play shuffleboard on iPhone, and now we have found the best way to play shuffleboard on iPhone. We have listed below the guide and shuffleboard rule too. 

Go to the iMessage App Store

To play Shuffleboard, go to the iMessage app store and download the “GamePigeon” app, which contains a variety of games, including Shuffleboard.

On your iOS device, open the “Messages” app from the home screen. 

Then, on your Messages app screen, click on any existing chats.

Play Shuffleboard on iPhone

Shuffleboard is also accessible as an iMessage game. We all know it is a lot of fun to play and, more importantly, respects your time, so you can have all the fun without jeopardizing your productivity. 

However, there is one step you must complete before jumping into the Messages app on your iPhone to begin a game of shuffleboard with your friends.   

How to Play Shuffleboard in iMessage on iPhone

How to Play Shuffleboard in iMessage on iPhone

Go to your iOS device’s home screen and open the Messages app. From within the app, tap to open the conversation head with whom you want to play shuffleboard. Scroll down to the app drawer and tap on the “Game Pigeon” symbol.

Invite your Friends to Play shuffleboard!

Invite your preferred contact to play “shuffleboard” by sending them a message. Once your opponent has taken their turn, you must choose a direction and power to shoot your puck across the board.

If your puck lands on one of the numbers on the board, you will receive that number of points. Drag your finger in either direction to move the puck on the slider to choose the shot spot. Then, with relation to the puck, slide your finger north to enhance the shooting power. Similarly, move your finger sideways to control the puck’s direction.

Once you’ve determined the trajectory and power for firing the puck, press the “Launch” button at the bottom of your screen. You’ll need to take the turn for the second try after firing your initial puck.

Adjust your puck’s location, trajectory, and power before launching it. You can now launch your puck in such a manner that it drives your opponent’s puck from a higher point portion to a lower point section on the board, allowing you to earn more points and force your opponent to lose.  

Do this while you have the last turn of the game on the board so your opponent can’t shuffle the pucks after that. You’ll play three rounds of three tries each, with the player with the most points at the end of the game-winning.

Shuffleboard Sounds and Music can be turned on and off

The shuffleboard game’s sound effects and music are simple and not distracting. To turn off the in-game music, use the “Music” button.

Shuffleboard on Game Pigeon

Game Pigeon is an app made exclusively for iPhones and iPads. They have released a variety of games, including Shuffleboard.

How do u Play Shuffleboard on Gamepigeon?

Shuffleboard is not available as a standalone app for iMessage games. Go to the iMessage app store to play Shuffleboard and download the “GamePigeon.

To do so, go to your iOS device’s home screen and open the “Messages” app.

  1. Then, on your Messages app screen, click on any existing chats.
  2. After that, tap the grey-colored “App Store” symbol located directly next to the message box. This will bring up all of your App Store options at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Press the blue “App Store” symbol in the newly revealed app bar on the screen. The iMessage store will open as an overlay window on your screen.
  4. In the overlay window, hit the “Search” icon in the top right corner.
  5. You can then type “game pigeon” into the space provided, then press the “Search” button on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Shuffleboard Game Rules that Everyone Knows

Shuffleboard Game Rules

 The following are the most commonly used shuffleboard rules, which apply to nearly all games. Typically, the rules require you to take turns sliding all four of your weights against your opponent’s weights by hand.

Attempt to reach the shuffleboard’s highest-scoring section without falling into the lane at the board’s end. You must have the most weight down the list to gain points. Some strategy and fun come into play when you knock off your opponents’ weights, outdistance them, or utilize your weights to protect your other highest-scoring weights.

How do you Shuffleboard Score?

Your goal is to have your puck stop in one of the numbered bands. Your puck must completely cross the line to earn points. You’ll only get 2 points if it’s trapped between zones 2 and 3. Only pucks directly in front of the opponent’s pucks score during a game.

What is the Mechanism of shuffleboard?

Shuffleboard is played using weighted pucks colored red or blue to signify who belongs to which player or team. The players take turns sliding their puck down the shuffleboard table. Ideally, you should be able to smack your opponent’s pucks into the alley and out of play while pushing your pucks into a higher-scoring position.

The game’s most basic requirement is played according to Shuffleboard regulations. All of the scoring regulations and the playing procedure for two and four players.


For a long time, shuffleboard has been one of the most popular games. Shuffleboard began as a floor game, then evolved into tabletop Shuffleboard, and now, in this digital age, Shuffleboard has jumped on the digitization bandwagon as well. However, the shuffleboard is also available as an iMessage game on iPhone.

We all know it is a lot of fun to play and, more importantly, respects your time, allowing you to have as much fun as you want without affecting your performance.

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