How to Waterproof a Ping Pong Table with 4 Easy & Quick Methods 

How To Waterproof A Ping Pong Table

People who love playing ping pong, badminton, or tennis can enjoy their favorite sport more by bringing their table indoors. But it is essential to have a waterproof table to prevent water splashes from falling on the table’s surface and getting in the way of their game.

So, we can say that a ping pong game is something that every person who loves playing table games should have. But having a waterproof pong table can be very costly for a recreational player. This guide provides important information about waterproofing a ping pong table. 

What is Weatherproofing a Table?

A ping pong table is essentially a wood slab with a rubber cushion beneath it. It must be kept from moisture, which could ruin the cushions or the table. You want to be able to play ping pong on the table at all times, but you want to keep rainwater from getting inside.

Weatherproofing a ping pong table is pretty simple, though. If you’ve got the money and want to spend it, you could have a table professionally made.

What’s the Best Waterproofing Solution Ping Pong Table?

Waterproofing is making any type of material nonporous and impermeable to the elements (air and water). To do this, an application of polyurethane is used to seal the seams of all of the joints in the table tennis tables and the entire table itself. This prevents any water from ever coming inside the table.

This blog post will cover some basic information on polyurethane and why it is one of the best ways to waterproof a ping pong table. It’s important to know that polyurethane is used to keep out the elements and act as a sealant.

1. Apply Polyurethane Sealers for Weatherproofing Tables

Why is Polyurethane So Great for Weatherproofing Ping Pong Tables?

Polyurethane Sealers for Weatherproofing

Polyurethane is so great for weatherproofing ping pong tables because of its resistance to chemicals, moisture, and most other things that would get to it. Polyurethane is also odorless, non-toxic, and easy to clean.

Once the polyurethane has cured and hardened, scrub it with a soap and water solution, then let it air dry. It’s amazing stuff!

A quick note on polyurethane…

When applying polyurethane, you must be sure that no bare skin is exposed. If you apply it to the skin, it can cause dermatitis. When applying the polyurethane, you want to ensure you don’t leave any bare skin around the edges or any visible open seams. If you do that, it will prevent the polyurethane from curing properly and sealing the surface properly.

To waterproof a ping pong table, you need to apply polyurethane to the surfaces of the table itself and all of the seams. Remember to work on an un-mopped area so there is less chance of the polyurethane leaving a residue on the floor.

Application Tips:

Remember to apply polyurethane to a flat, solid surface like concrete or plywood. Applying it to carpet, furniture, or any other object will spread, and you’ll get a thicker application of polyurethane.

2. Method to Waterproof a Ping Pong Table with Polyurethane

Fortunately, many ways exist to protect these indoor tables from the elements. For the best results, it’s recommended that the furniture be sealed twice, once with a polyurethane sealant and again with a hard shell.

How to Waterproof A Ping Pong Table with the Polyurethane Method

Here’s a quick guide to sealing a ping-pong table:

  1. Clean the table with a brush or sponge. If necessary, scrape away the accumulated dirt and debris on the table.
  2. Spray the table with a cloth or mop to remove excess liquid.
  3. Using a clean, damp rag, apply an even coat of polyurethane to the tabletop and let it sit for a few minutes to penetrate the wood fully. It doesn’t take a lot of material to do the job, so be sure to get everything.
  4. Allow the table to dry for about an hour, and then apply another coat of polyurethane using the same process. Once the table is dry, let it completely air-dry overnight.

Note: It’s a good idea to use two layers of polyurethane to ensure the best performance and protection.

3. Finalizing the Waterproofing Process in Table Tennis Table

You can waterproof the underside of a ping pong table. This is done by applying a layer of silicone caulking. Then, apply a thin coat of acrylic varnish to the caulking and allow it to dry. This allows you to finish the table with just one coat of paint.

Make sure you follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Letting the varnish cure for about 24 hours before moving the table or using it is important.

Finalizing The Waterproofing Process in Ping Pong Table

This will ensure that the varnish is fully cured and will provide an extra layer of protection against moisture. If your ping pong table gets wet, remove the excess water with a towel or rag.

You should be careful and ensure not to get dirt on the table’s underside. This could ruin the surface. You can use a vacuum cleaner or brush to clean the underside.

Be sure not to use too much force. If you don’t use enough power, the suction from the cleaner could damage the surface. This is why you should be careful. Once you’ve cleaned the underside, apply a layer of clear polyurethane.

After that, you should sand it smoothly. This will allow the table to look nice and shiny. Then you can apply a final layer of clear protective polyurethane.

4. Use a Table Cover

After doing all of the above procedures, You can choose a custom-designed ping pong table cover that wraps completely around the table or one that covers the edges. 

Use a Table Cover

If you want to prevent condensation drips from forming on your table, you’ll want to keep the cover open, whether it’s a canvas or vinyl cover.

If you choose a custom-designed cover made of vinyl or polypropylene, you can use it to protect your table, even if it’s not playing ping pong, like a table tennis table or any outdoor table. It’s durable and lasts for many games, but remove it before storing your table or transporting it elsewhere.


How Does Waterproofing Affect Your Ping Pong Table?

Polyurethane Sealants, while not waterproof, can help protect against scratches and general wear and tear and keep out dirt and water. In addition, using multiple layers and applying the polyurethane sealant evenly helps the top layer remain intact and can act as a barrier between the surface and any spills.

Sanding the table also promotes adhesion between layers and helps prevent dust accumulation.

Can you leave an outdoor ping pong table in the rain?

Yes, as long as you have a good quality table cover, you can leave the table in the weather.

You should use heavy-duty plastic tarps or vinyl coverings to protect them.

Is a ping pong table waterproof?

Yes, even if a ping pong table is not waterproof, it is still much better than regular wood or plastic. If you get a regular table, the water can leak and cause the wood to rot.


The secret to waterproofing a ping pong table is to apply a thick, continuous layer of polyurethane foam and keep a constant water supply flowing into the table. If you don’t, the table will dry out and crack, and the water will seep through the cracks.

Now, I hope you have the answer to waterproofing a Ping Pong Table easily with quick methods. 

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