How to Wax a Shuffleboard Table in Two Different Ways?

How to Wax a Shuffleboard Table

Have you thought about how important is to wax on shuffleboard? If you are a player of the shuffleboard game, you will know shuffleboard wax is very important to probably notice any inconsistencies in your activity to throw a puck. You have just thrown a perfect shot, and suddenly, the weight’s momentum dies. 

Therefore, to keep your game flowing, a better performance level, even and a smooth finish, you must go for a real shuffleboard wax. Otherwise, a shuffleboard wax alternative to treat your table like a Pro. So in this post, you will learn how to wax a shuffleboard table in detail.

How to Wax a Shuffleboard Table?

The shuffleboard wax on the shuffleboard table maximizes the speed and accuracy of your shots and reduces the risk of damage it can have with consistent use. To keep your table in better condition, it is necessary to use the saw on the tabletop. 

However, the waxing process comes in different ways between the tables with traditional wood finishes and polymer finishes and the type of wax used in the process.

  1. Traditional finishes
  2. Polymer wood finishes

1. Traditional Wood Finishes

Traditional wood finishes are hard to maintain and use but can hold better thickness and shine for a longer period than polymer finishes.

Materials you will Need

  1. ¼ cup vinegar
  2. Water
  3. A towel
  4. Shuffleboard wax and silicone spray
  5. Few drops of olive oil
  6. Few drops of a wood polish

Step: 1 – Clean the table

Clean the table

The most important step in waxing a shuffleboard table is cleaning the table, as the process is not hard to follow. You will need a mixture of vinegar and water to wipe off the table. 

You can add a few drops of olive oil and wood polish to have a smooth and fine finish. The acidic vinegar is the best option to go for as it breaks down the dirt and grime that accumulates on the surface of the shuffleboard.

Step: 2 – Silicon Spray

Silicon Spray

To get the maximum quality of finish, you should use silicone spray that is easily available in stores and on lies stores in the maintenance kits. You have to spray them on the shuffleboard tops in a sweeping motion across the table, let the spray stay on the tabletop for a few minutes, and tap with the damp towel to have better results.

Step: 3 – Spread Shuffleboard Wax or Powder 

Spread Shuffleboard Wax or Powder 

After applying the silicone spray spread the wax of the shuffleboard in the table on same way. However, you have a choice to choose the wax in yellow or brown color. Therefore you can choose it in your own choice.

2. Polymer Finishes

The polymer finishes on the shuffleboard tables are easy to use compared to the traditional or lacquer wood finishes.

Materials You Need

  1. A multi-purpose glass or window cleaner
  2. Shuffleboard brush
  3. Soft towel
  4. Shuffleboard silicone spray
  5. Shuffleboard wax

Step 1 – Clean the tabletop

In contrast to traditional finishes, you should have a multi-purpose glass or window cleaner. It would help if you avoided the cleaner having chemicals like bleaching agents. 

Spray the cleaner on the top of the table and clean it with a soft towel to buff off the table. You can clean the excess grain with a shuffleboard brush to get the best results.

Step 2 – Silicone spray

Use the silicone spray to wax the shuffleboard table, as it is specially designed for the shuffleboard tops. Application of the silicone spray should be in a sweeping motion, and let the spray sit on the surface for a few minutes. Pat the surface with a towel to get the best results.

Step 3 – Spread Wax or Powder

The shuffleboard wax looks like a powder more than wax and is the most common use to have the best finish and smoothness in the shuffleboard tables. Therefore spread the shuffleboard wax on the table to make it smooth.

The Shuffleboard Wax Speeds

Different shuffleboard tables come with different shuffleboard wax speeds depending on the measurement of the table and the materials used in it. 

  • The professional speed for an 18 to 22-foot shuffleboard table is 1.
  • The speed 2 will work well on a 14 to 18-foot shuffleboard table.
  • The proper speed for a 12 to 14-foot shuffleboard table is 3.
  • 9 to 12-foot shuffleboard tables opt for speed 4 to slow down the speed of pucks.

Refinishing Tips from Sharon Johnson

The most well-known and experienced shuffleboard refinishers globally have refinished over 10,000 shuffleboard tables named Sharon Johnson.

Here are some of his valuable tips:

  1. She used an 18-inch round floor sander to make the surface of the board smooth and even
  2. To make the board perfectly flat, he used a solid metal level, as the use of a level to measure the width and length is a tight option
  3. She created numbers and lines on the shuffleboard table with the carpenter’s pencil. When the new finish is applied to the table, the lines and marks get darker
  4. Sharon seals the shuffleboard with the sealer and finishes the table with polyethylene, buffs a paste or liquid wax 24 hours after the paint is applied, and twice waits between the hours


How much shuffleboard wax should I use?

Depending on the type of shuffleboard table, you should use the shuffleboard wax 2 to 3 times per month. 

How do you put sand on the shuffleboard?

Remove the excess amount of previous wax, then apply the sand or wax to the tabletop using a brush or soft towel.

What is a shuffleboard made of?

The shuffleboard wax combines silicone beads with dry cornmeal, which helps slice the surface and adds speed to plays.

What type of wax should you use on the shuffleboard table?

Shuffleboard comes with many names like powder, and dust. Jargon is most common in use made of corn meal and silicone. 


The proper maintenance and care in shuffleboard tables may seem overwhelming. Still, if you want to optimize your table’s performance level and longevity, it is essential to use shuffleboard wax. Performing the above two processes more than one time will keep your table in a tip-top position, and you will get the best performance if you notice your shuffleboard pucks not sliding.

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