Best Ping Pong Balls for Beer Pong

7 Best Ping Pong Balls for Beer Pong (2023 Reviews)

Playing and having a drink simultaneously will be fun if you love ping and beer pong. You have to be careful, though, as you could end up hurting yourself if you do not have the right kind of equipment to play beer pong, especially the best ping pong balls.

The quality of the ping pong balls you buy matters because of their importance. Your ping pong balls will determine whether you will have a fun and safe game of beer pong. The best ping pong balls under budget ensure your hands and your racket don’t come into contact with the ball, so you can play confidently and win more matches.

I have discussed the best ping pong balls in this article to find out which ones work best.

Top Ping Pong Balls for Beer Pong

Ping pong Balls for Beer PongRATINGColor
1. TADICK Assorted Color Beer Ping Pong Balls4.5/5Multi-color
2. Beer Ping Pong Balls4.5/5White
3. OIG Brands Ping Pong Balls4/4White
4. 40MM Ping Pong Balls4.5/5Hot Pink
5. SportzGo Beer Pong Plastic Balls 4.5/5100 count
6. KEVENZ 60 or 120 Pack Ping Pong Balls4.5/560 Pack Multicolor
7. TADICK 100 Pack Beer Ping Pong Balls4.5/5100 count

Best Ping Pong Balls For Beer Pong Reviews

1. TADICK Assorted Color Beer Ping Pong Balls

TADICK Assorted Color Beer Ping Pong Balls

So we have used these balls a few times now, but we’ve never had a set of balls turn into a ball pit. We usually use these at our parties, and the kids enjoy playing, and the adults sit around drinking beer and watching them.

It’s cheap enough to buy large amounts of them at once to save on shipping, but since we’re talking about 50 ping pong balls, that adds up pretty quickly. In fact, for every set we receive from Amazon, we usually get another set from someone else on eBay. I have no idea who buys them, but eBay people also buy them.

We got these from Amazon, and I’m sure there are other sellers on Amazon that sell these for a little bit less, but the reviews seem mostly positive.

I think these will last longer than most other party/game balls you’ll find because they are very solid. If you have a space where you store your party favors, consider keeping a box of these for guests to use during your next bash.

These are great for kids’ parties or anyone who wants to play a game where everyone sits in a circle. For an adult party, you could easily have a group of friends sit together and just play against each other.

They’re soft and bouncy yet sturdy enough to withstand the occasional drop. We bought them to use with these favorite board game, which uses wooden paddles, but we’ve seen people use them in basketball, hockey, and soccer too.

Overall, I recommend this product and this seller, as long as you’re not picky about brand names.

  • Great for beer pong
  • Variety of colors
  • Fun for parties 
  • Premium choice for players
  • Might not be durable

2. Beer Ping Pong Balls – Pack of 12 Table Tennis Balls 

Beer Ping Pong Balls - Pack of 12 Table Tennis Balls 

We love the Beer Ping Pong Balls!

I had no idea that so many games could be played using these, and everyone has a blast playing them. They’re super soft, easy to grip, and easy to throw, and the size is great for the age groups we use them for.

There are 3 games we play the most – Slap Shot, Crazy Eight, and Scramble. Slap Shot is a great game where everyone grabs a pair of Beer Pong Balls, and you and your friends slap them into a group to be the first team to get a group of 6 or 8 in the middle.

Crazy Eight is where you grab a pair, toss it to the ground, and when someone kicks it back, you have to grab another pair and try to hit them before the other team does. Also, scramble is where you grab a couple of pairs, toss them into the air, and the first person to get all the pairs into the middle wins.

These beer balls work great for all of these games, and you can find the other games on our other pages here and here. There are tons of different games that can play with these.

Overall, we recommend this product for ages 7 and up, and even though it’s not technically meant for kids, we have a bunch of great games that kids still like to play with us.

  • Beer ping pong balls are fun to play with
  • They are non-toxic and easy to clean
  • Unique smell and colors 
  • You can use it for drinking games
  • May not be very durable

3. OIG Brands Ping Pong Balls

OIG Brands Ping Pong Balls

The OIG brand has been making balls for various games since 1996. For the longest time, they were only for table tennis, but as their line of tennis balls grew, they began expanding to include ping pong balls. They claim that their table tennis balls, ping pong balls, and other types of balls will help you play games like ping pong, basketball, soccer, billiards, and volleyball.

This brand is known for making high-quality products for a reasonable price. While other brands may be cheaper, OIG is the most durable and reliable. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. Most importantly, they offer a lifetime guarantee.

These balls are made of PP material, which means they’re both hard and flexible. PP balls are extremely durable and won’t crack or break under pressure but can still be bent or flexed easily. They come in two different materials – white and yellow. White table tennis balls tend to have a lighter texture, while yellow balls have a coarser texture, making them better for table tennis.

Since the material is plastic, they are not as slippery as rubber balls but have a smooth finish. They can be a gift for someone who plays table tennis, but they are also great for kids and adults who love to play games.

All the balls in this set are individually wrapped, and the balls themselves are small enough to fit into your pocket.

People from all over the world trust the OIG brand, and that’s reflected in its reputation. Their table tennis balls are reliable and will last for a long time, so you can always play with confidence.

  • Made of high quality materials
  • Durable and affordable
  • Variety of colors and styles 
  • Perfect for any game setting
  • It may be expensive

4. 40MM Ping Pong Balls

40MM Ping Pong Balls

This Ping Pong Ball is made from a high-quality PP material, so it’s suitable for use in games and sports.

There are no seams or glues, so the balls are strong and don’t break easily, even when thrown around hard. The surface of these balls is non-slip and easy to grip. These pong balls have a matte finish, making them look a little more classy than shiny-looking balls.

The balls are affordable and often used in toy or decoration-related activities. For example, in the beer pong game, the person who gets to first hit the ball with the ping pong paddle will get to drink the beer.

These ping pong balls come in packs of 50, and the dimensions of each ball are 40mm. This size is ideal for most ping pong paddles. You’ll find that the balls can use in other games as well, so you won’t have to throw away the excess table tennis balls after every session.

The company recommends using these balls in a dry environment, as the balls are prone to absorbing moisture and becoming sticky. It’s recommended to store the balls in a dry place in a plastic bag. Also, the company warns you not to mix them with any other balls, as the friction between these two types of balls would make them stick together.

So if you’re looking for high-quality, affordable ping pong balls, this pack is a great option.

  • They are durable
  • You can use it in a variety of ways
  • They bounce well 
  • Quality materials made balls
  • They can be difficult to find

5. SportzGo Beer Pong Plastic Balls 

SportzGo Beer Pong Plastic Balls 

Another of our favorite ping pong balls comes from SportzGo, a well-established company that offers plenty of products. They make the best ping pong balls we’ve tested and are easy to use.

These balls came from them because they have a large diameter, and they’re made from a smooth material that makes them easy to clean. For a ping pong table, we recommend a 4mm diameter.

These Beer Pong Plastic Balls come in various colors, but white. This color choice makes them stand out but makes it difficult to clean up. If you’re looking to clean up a ping pong game easily, you’d want something else.

Their standard size is 1 inch in diameter, so these will fit most ping pong tables. The circumference is also pretty decent at 1 inch, so you’ll get plenty of bounce to have a fun game.

These also work as great ping pong balls. They’re not quite regulation, but they do work well enough to play.

They’re great for the whole family because plenty of bright colors are available to choose from. It’s hard to mess up the color, and the surface is super smooth, so they’re ideal for crafts and art projects.

But if you’re looking for the best quality at a reasonable price, these are the ping pong balls for you.

If you’re looking for a ping pong ball for your game, we recommend going with these from SportzGo.

  • Fun and entertaining game
  • Helps to break the ice
  • Great for groups 
  • Easily transportable
  • Some people may find them too light or bouncy

6. KEVENZ 60 or 120 Pack Ping Pong Balls

KEVENZ 60 or 120 Pack Ping Pong Balls

These ping pong balls are made to be fun and easy to play. You can play them with or without nets, as they are safe for indoor use.

The Kevenz ping pong balls can be a great way to get people involved in your party. They’ll like being able to take home a new toy with their name on it. And if you give them to a friend who doesn’t play ping pong, they might just enjoy the game enough to buy their own set.

We really liked the way the Kevenz ping pong balls were packaged. They come in a nice clear plastic bag, which makes them easy to store and transport. There is no risk of breakage, and they’re easy to open and close.

While this is a great party activity, we do wonder if we’d be better off with wooden ping pong paddles since they would likely last longer and provide better results overall. But for the price, the ping pong balls are still a great choice!

If you’re looking for the best way to entertain guests or just a fun gift for friends, Kevenz’s ping pong balls are a good choice. Great for all kinds of party games! 

  • Affordable
  • Variety of colors
  • Ideal for playing ping pong indoors or outdoors 
  • Durable made balls
  • Difficult to bounce

7. TADICK 100 Pack Beer Ping Pong Balls

TADICK 100 Pack Beer Ping Pong Balls

We’re big fans of plastic party balls. As the name suggests, these beer-shaped balls will get you up and bouncing with no problem.

While we got plenty of comments when we first published this review, we’ve received no complaints or returns. We really liked their soft, bouncy feel and that they were easy to pop around the house. They also had a very nice bounce to them – something that’s a rarity for inexpensive plastic balls.

They were great for both indoor and outdoor use and were great for playing beer pong, too. These balls are very sturdy enough to withstand bouncing around the house.

Our only real complaint was the packaging. This package of TADICK Beer Balls didn’t come in its own storage bag, which meant we had to be extra careful about how we stored them. We had to store them in a plastic bag in order to avoid scratching them up, and they lost their bounce after being in the bag for too long.

I would recommend using a thick ping-pong table. These balls do not get very heavy when used with thicker table tennis tables.

  • They are durable
  • Good bouncing
  • They are easy to clean 
  • Easily available on any store
  • Packaging is not good


A game of beer pong is meant to be fun, and having the right ping pong balls can make or break your game. Beer pong, otherwise known as “Beer-pong,” is a game played at parties where players throw a ping pong ball into a pool of beer.

While throwing the ball in, players use their feet to hit it back into the table, using it as a racket. I hope from our guide on Best Ping Pong Balls for Beer Pong; you have got the best possible results!

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