Why Do Ping Pong Paddles Have Different Rubbers?

As you know, a rubber pad is around the outside of the ping pong paddle called a “paddle grip.” The top surface of the paddle grip is smooth, while the bottom surface has an irregular pattern.

The most obvious reason why ping pong paddles have different rubbers on each side grip is to provide two different grips for the left and right hands. Some paddles have a small difference between their grips, which might be good for some players.

But why are there two grips at all? Is the two-grip idea any better? Is it just about providing two different hand grips, or is there another reason?

Let’s have a look.

What is Rubber?

Rubber is a special substance that is used in different industries. It is a flexible and elastic material that is made of polymers. These polymers are materials that can change shape as per the temperature. This blog post will discuss the types of rubbers and the benefits of using them in the ping pong paddle.

Types of Rubbers in Table Tennis

There are four common types of table tennis rubbers: Antispin, short pips, long pips, and inverted.

You should also pay attention to the type of rubber that you use. As we’ve seen before, two main types of paddles are available. One paddle type has a thin rubber coating for power and speed. These are more like regular tennis rackets. 

The other type of paddle is made with a thicker rubber coating. This is for spin and power. These paddles are heavier than the first ones. So, when you serve with your paddle, you should turn it to the red side. This is for spinning the ball and hitting it with your rubber.

How does Rubber Work in Ping Pong Paddle? 

Rubber is used in ping pong games mainly because it is very flexible. When a ping pong ball lands on a paddle, the paddle bends due to the rubber of the paddle and hits the ball.

So, the reason that the paddles are different can be explained by this. They are usually made of a combination of different rubbers.

So, choosing the right one for your paddles is the most important thing.

Why Do Ping Pong Paddles Sometimes Have Different Rubbers On Each Side?

Did you know the difference between the rubbers used on the paddles of ping pong balls? The rubber used on the top of a ping pong paddle is made of different materials. At the same time, the rubber used in the bottom of the paddle is usually the same in tennis rackets. 

However, one side of the table tennis rubber is red, and the other is black. Color also represents the paddle sides, which helps you use it correctly.

But the reason they are different can understand by using the paddles. 

For instance, if you use red rubber, the red side of the paddle means that you are using your red side to serve. This will give you power, speed, and spin on the ball. 

On the other hand, you can use black rubber to give you your defense. Your black side will be your returning side. If you have red rubber, you should have your black side on the opposite side. It will return your ball for you. With all of this in mind, there are no real rules for using your paddles. It’s up to you.

Without concern about using the “right” or “wrong paddle.” You can use any paddle that you want. The important thing is to be aware of which sides are which. Once you know these things, you can play the game better.

Which Side of the Paddle Is Best and Why?

As a rule of thumb, the black side of the paddle is meant to be used for defense, while the red side is meant for the attack. So what does it mean when we use the term “defense” in ping pong? When your opponent hits the ball, you hit it back onto the opposite side of the table. This is called “defending.”

If you defend against the ball, you must move your paddle toward the opposite side of the table. Defending using the red side of the paddle means that you are hitting the ball back with power and speed.

This means that you are using the red side of the paddle to do more than just hit it back. The best way to defend against your opponent is to move your paddle toward the opposite side of the table.


What are the bumps on a ping pong paddle called?

The name comes from the fact that the surface of this rubber looks like the end of a pipe. These ‘pips’ are called ‘cones’ and are the opposite of ‘trenches.’

A trench is a depression, and a pip is the raised portion of a conic.

This rubber is used by most players on their weaker backhand side, so the pips are placed on the backhand side and are designed to give the ball a little extra lift and spin, which helps the player’s backhand.

Why are ping pong paddles different on each side?

The paddle is symmetrical, and the goal is to gain an advantage over the opponent. However, the different colored sides can use for specific purposes. Black is used for short or fast serves; red is used for long or slow serves. The red side is usually used in the first half of the game, whereas the black side is used in the second half.

Are ping pong paddles supposed to be smooth?

A ping-pong paddle should be smooth because it only moves the ball up and down. If the paddle moves laterally or forwards, you are probably hitting the ball out of the air. Also, the best way to hit the ball is to follow through on the swing.


So, this is how the difference between the rubbers used on the ping pong paddles and balls is explained. I hope you enjoyed the article, and if you have any questions, you can comment below, and I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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