Guide to Buying the Best Ping Pong Table (What to Look for)

Guide to Buying the Best Ping Pong Table

Table tennis is a popular sport practiced by society in all age groups. Many people practicing this sport discipline decide to buy a tennis table. Particular models may differ from each other in terms of the quality of workmanship.

Their size, however, is usually very similar or even identical. When buying a product that enables us to play, many people wonder what the best ping-pong table is. The answer to this question can be very diverse. It all depends primarily on the user’s preferences.

Types of Ping Pong Tables

Wondering which ping-pong table to choose? Currently, four types of tables are available for sale. We can distinguish models:

1. One-Piece (Stationary)        

These tables are intended mainly for people who do not plan to move them to other places. Such a product is often used in sports halls. Its biggest advantage is its simple structure, which means the price is not excessive.

2. Foldable

These are very mobile products. You can easily move them to different places. The tables are equipped with wheels for transport. They are more complicated, which makes them more expensive. They are characterized by lightness in their frames.

3. For Indoor Use

As the name implies, they are mainly used for domestic use. Plus, these are made with lightweight materials to handle them easily.

4. For Outdoor Use

Outdoor ping pong tables are made resistant to many weather conditions. Because some products are made with low-quality materials that are not durable, especially for outdoor, that’s why if you want to use tables for outdoor purposes, you can buy outdoor ping pong tables.

What to Look for When Buying a Ping Pong Table? 

The best ping-pong table distinguishes by its high-quality workmanship and resistance to mechanical damage. For this reason, parameters such as:

What to Look for When Buying a Ping Pong Table

♦ Material – The material from which the table is made should be as durable as possible. This will allow us to enjoy the game for a long time. The mesh should be made of materials such as high-quality cotton or polypropylene. For a countertop, the most desirable material is resin laminate or thick chipboard.

Net – In this case, it is very important to be solid and adjust the height. 

♦ Table top – Apart from the material from which it is made, its size and the quality of the painting are also important.

♦ Frame – A good quality ping-pong table should rest on a rack equipped with a reinforcing frame. A ping-pong table’s top and entire structure are reinforced by using this element. It is mainly made of aluminum or steel. 

♦ Size – The most common are tables with dimensions compatible with the tables used by professionals during the competition (tabletop width – 152.5 cm, table top length – 274 cm, table height to the top edge of the table top – 76 cm, net height – 15.25 cm). The sale also includes non-standard, smaller models intended mainly for children.

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Accessories of the Ping Pong Tables

The accessories that the ping-pong table can be equipped with are:

♦ Rackets – Choosing the right model is particularly important because this element is the most important when playing tennis. Before buying, it is worth checking whether the racket we have chosen is good in the hand and is not too heavy.

♦ Seamless balls – They are much more durable than traditional models but slightly more expensive.

♦ Table cover – It is a very useful element, especially in the case of stationary tables. It protects against the ingress of dust and other contaminants, as well as against damage.

♦ Cases for rackets – They are used for safe storage of the game equipment. They are useful during transport.

♦ Pockets – Many professional tennis tables are equipped with pockets where we can store balls and rackets.

Ping Pong Tables at Good Prices

Buying a tennis table is a big investment. Standard-size models, folded and equipped with wheels, cost from 300$ to 1000$. Their price depends mainly on the materials from which the table is assembled.

Many stores also offer the purchase of small models intended mainly for children. Their value is about 500$.

How Much is a Ping Pong Table?

A ping-pong table is a big investment. This product is not the cheapest. Therefore it is most often bought by people who train this sport professionally. The price may vary depending on the materials used, the type of frame, and the table. The oldest models can purchase for about 300$. 

However, they can be less massive and durable. The amount of the most expensive tennis tables can be up to 1500$. We can also buy mini versions of ping-pong tables on the market. They are intended mainly for children. Their price is usually around 300$. 

How to Renew the Ping Pong Table?

Is your ping pong table old? Holes formed on its surface, and the paint began to peel off. If you have enough time and willingness, you can renew it. For this purpose, it is worth getting 2-mm-thin plywood and special paint for painting the surface of the table. The best suggestion is rubber paint.

After sticking the board to the used top, wait for the glue to dry. Smooth the edges with sandpaper. Then we proceed to paint the surface of the tabletop. If the legs of our table are slightly chafed, this element can also renew by using black paint. 

How to Make a Ping Pong Table?

If we want to make a ping-pong table ourselves, we should make sure that it has the right dimensions. It should be at least 152 cm wide and 270 cm long. A very important parameter is also the height of the net, which should be approx. 15 cm. 

Remember that the ping-pong table should be at least 76 cm above the ground. For example, OSB can be used for the tabletop. A special veneer needs to be applied to it to make it waterproof. It is cut to the correct size; then, the edges are sanded.

 The table top can be painted green or blue. Wood paints will be the best choice. It is very important that the table frame is durable and stable. We can make it, for example, from metal tubes that must be welded together.  

How Much Space do You Need for a Ping Pong Table?

The dimensions of a standard ping-pong table are The width of the table top – 152.5 cm, the length of the table top – 274 cm, the height of the table to the top edge of the table top – 76 cm, the height of the net – 15.25 cm. If we want to place the product in a room, it is very important that the players have adequate space that allows them to play comfortably. 

It is assumed that there should be a minimum of 150 cm from the side wall to the side of our table. In the case of the front side of the table, the distance should be at least 300 cm on each side.

Which Ping Pong Table is Suitable for Outdoor use?

Many people choose to set up a ping pong table outside. Users wonder which table is best for the garden. It is important that the table is durable and resistant to prevailing weather conditions. A large number of users decide to choose a single-element (stationary) table. 

This is due to the fact that usually, the table placed outside is located in a place that does not disturb anyone. In this case, a concrete table that is not susceptible to erosion will work very well.

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