How to Return Backspin in Table Tennis?

How to Return Backspin in Table Tennis?

In table tennis, it is important to know that backspin serves are very powerful. A backspin serve can be used to surprise your opponent. This will give you an advantage over him. It is also important to know that backspin serves to require a lot of skill and practice. It takes a while to learn how to serve with backspin. However, once you learn it, it will come in handy.

It’s essential to be aware that you need to focus and keep the ball in the middle to make a good backspin serve. This is because backspin is not easy to play. You will need good technique and practice to achieve a successful backspin serve.

This guide will let you know how to return backspin in table tennis.

How to Hit a Backspin Serve

One way to hit a Backspin Serve is to flick the ball up in the air toward your opponent. Your racket hand will help you to flick the ball up in the air.

When you hit a Backspin Serve, you must aim to hit it toward your opponent. You want to hit it on the left side of the net.

The main objective is to flick the ball up into the air. If the ball gets too close to the ground, you can still use your racket hand to flick it up, but it will be harder.

How to Hit a Backspin Serve

If you flick the ball high enough, you can hit a Backspin Serve. If you flick the ball too low, your serve won’t be a Backspin Serve.

You want to ensure that the ball is spinning when you hit a Backspin Serve. You can use your racket hand to flick the ball up in the air.

After you hit the serve, it may be hard for you to hit the next serve. You will feel like your hand is going to get tired. To improve your game, you can play games with your friends. You can learn a lot from your opponents.

You can also play on your own. Try to see yourself serving as an opponent. How can you hit a Backspin Serve?

How to Return Backspin in Table Tennis?

Backspin serves are very effective in table tennis. They are usually used for the first strike. You should master the serve before trying any different strokes. Backspins should be played when the ball is around 30 centimeters from your forehand side.

Types of Backspin

When you play with a backspin, you need to be aware of what kind of spin you want to put on the ball. There are four main types of backspin: topspin, overspin, underspin and backspin.

1. Topspin

If the ball has topspin, it will tend to hit the strings with its topside. This spin is good for hitting low balls close to the net. It is especially useful when the ball is moving in the opposite direction of the spin direction.

2. Overspin

If the ball has overspin, it will tend to hit the strings near the topside. It is useful for hitting high balls.

3. Underspin

This is when the ball has an underpin and hits the strings near the bottom. This type of spin is good for hitting fastballs close to the net.

4. Backspin

Backspin is when the ball spins around 180 degrees. It is good for fastballs and highballs.

Different Methods for Returning Backspin

When using a flick, it will be possible to make two loops. There are many different options to perform this trick. Some ways include:

1) Returning With Backspin – Start with a front flop. When the backspin is executed, it is performed while flipping upside down. The best option for this is to use a loop, but when the hand is in the correct position, flip over and land in a normal, standing position.
2) Returning With a Loop – Start right foot forward, left hand on the floor, and flip around. Return hand over head back into starting position.

1) Returning With Backspin 

If you try this method, you will feel a slight resistance in the air, and the hand will feel like it’s going to hit something, but there are no walls or anything in front of you.

2) Returning With a Loop

If you are just getting started in backspinning, you can try using this method to return the backspin. It has the same benefits as returning with a loop, but only one loop.

The best way to do this is to have your hand facing out and back. After the flip, your hand should be facing forward and up, ready to receive the backspin.

How to Return a Heavy Sidespin Serve

The first step to returning sidespin serve correctly is to develop a solid base on both feet. Your body should feel balanced and stable. Once you have developed a strong foundation, you should be ready to execute the technique used to return a side-spin serve.

When you are learning how to return a sidespin serve, keep your head still and look where you are going with the ball.

This will help you to read the ball’s flight path correctly. It can be difficult to read the spin of the ball when you return it. The ball will normally spin out and back toward the net player. You will notice that your opponent’s side arm rotates clockwise.

This movement will tell you which way the ball is heading. Your opponent’s arm will move clockwise if you return the serve on the open court.


Your opponent’s arm would move counterclockwise if the serve was returned on the baseline.

You will usually only have one chance to hit the ball back to your opponent. You may need to take a few practice strokes to get your timing correct.

Be aware that the server will usually attempt to hit the ball short if he/she is serving on the wide side. Your goal when returning a sidespin serve is to keep the point close.

More Faqs About Returning Backspin In Table Tennis

How do you counter backspin in ping pong?

Play it tight. If you play it loose then it will keep going around your table and when you hit it you get all wet from the spray.

How do you return short backspin serve?

With a simple forehand drive. Just aim at the net with your first ball (your serve), then put some spin on the ball and hit it with the back of your hand just past the baseline. This is short backspin.

How do you do backspin?

The way to do backspin is by throwing a large number of pieces at the same time with no space in between. It is almost impossible to do unless you are playing someone who is not very good at playing chess.

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