Shuffleboard Table Dimensions [ Guide to Choose Standard Size ]

Shuffleboard Table Dimension

Maybe you are also the person who doesn’t know about the shuffleboard table dimensions. Because I have seen most people are confused about the size of the shuffleboard table and the dimension of the shuffleboard table. 

You can, however, use them outside on your deck. Yet the ideal Shuffleboard table’s dimensions are 22 feet long and 20 inches wide in their standard proper length. On the other hand, smaller shuffleboard tables can be found, which might fit into most locations.

Yet, that is why I came up with the shuffleboard dimension to let you know how to choose and what shuffleboard size is the best. However, the size of the shuffleboard table varies; indoor and isolated areas such as a game room, a bar, or a pub are ideal for these tables. 

Further, I will assist you with the official shuffleboard court dimension and their sizes below.

Dimensions of the Official Shuffleboard Court for Floor

The shape and size of an official shuffleboard court should be 39 feet by 6 feet, respectively. At each end of the court is an isosceles triangle. That serves as a scoring zone. The 10-scoring zone, 3 feet tall, is the highest point on the scoring triangle.

Shuffleboard Table Size Considerations

MeasurementsHeight (in)Length (ft)
9 foot308
12 foot3010.5 – 11
14 foot3012.8 – 13
16 foot3014.8 – 15
18 foot3016.7 – 17
20 foot3018.7 – 19
22 foot3020.5-21

This gives a player enough distance from behind the ball to bend for a suitable stance and shooting position. The side-to-side zone in your apartment is easy to handle.

If you just have an automated board unit, you might need to move the cabinet 3 to 4 inches away from the wall. It is necessary to make room for deciding which mounting pole to pass between the cabinet and the wall.

Nevertheless, since all the action takes place within the cabinet, there is no need for additional space on either side of the table.

Access to the Room

Some hallways are too narrow, and even some doors are too small. To ensure that your home is ready for your new gaming investment, take measurements and do some tests to ensure you have enough room. Remember that the boards and elements that make up your shuffleboard table are rigid and can be quite hefty.

Begin by moving a long board (a 2-inch x 10-inch if possible) across one home’s corridors to ensure clean lines into the room where your table will place.

After you’ve confirmed that you can get your table into your room, you’ll want to double-check that your space is a good fit. It’s preferable to bring a board into the room that’s 2-3 inches thick, 18 to 20 inches wide, and anywhere from 10 feet 8 inches to 20 feet 8 inches long. 

I guess it depends on your table length. While measurements are realistic, it is occasionally beneficial to see a piece of wood in your room that is the exact size of your finished shuffleboard table.

All tables over 12 feet are manufactured in two pieces, making it considerably easier to get into the area for the cupboards that contain the board.

Some of the most popular sizes of the shuffleboard, like 14-foot and 16-foot shuffleboard tables, have the same room area size as a 7- to 8-foot sofa or couch. Because every shuffleboard table built in our woodshop is individually handcrafted and customized. We are able to produce the 12-foot cabinets in two pieces and have done so before. We’ve even built smaller units like these, 10 and 11-foot-long tables when desired.

Official Shuffleboard Table Size

Some more common sizes, such as 14- and 16-foot shuffleboard tables, are equivalent to a 7- to 8-foot sofa or couch in the room. Due to the craftsmanship and specific design of each shuffleboard table built in our woodshop, we are able to produce the 12-ft cabinets in two pieces and have done so in the past.

Official Shuffleboard Table Size

Because once desired, we’ve even built smaller units like these, 10- and 11-foot-long tables. The tables in this collection are ideal for anyone who wants to play regulation shuffleboard or has a lot of extra space in their home.

These tables are frequently made of hardwood, giving them a regal and opulent appearance. A shuffleboard table’s playing field requires regular attention. Shuffleboard tables, which are 18 ft or 20 meters long, are a good choice for someone seeking something smaller yet close to regulatory size.

Remember that the larger the table, the more committed one must be to keeping it clean.

Shuffleboard Table Length – How Long Is A Shuffleboard Table?

Typically, people prefer the biggest table they can fit into their space, and the optimal size for full-length regulation play is a 16-foot shuffleboard table.

Therefore, you can frequently place shuffleboard tables in tight hallways, behind the sofa, and perhaps even next to a pool table. The Liberty model’s 24′′ wide cabinet is better suited for their location. Therefore, we offer an 18′′ broad board and a professional playing experience, in contrast to other domestic manufacturers that only offer a 16′′ wide play board in this cabinet width.

The difference between a 16- and a 22-ft is barely different. Although you’ll still be able to enjoy yourself on the 12 and 14 feet shuffling tables, The away section of 9-yard tables is smaller and isn’t as durable.

How Long Is A Shuffleboard Table

It’s as simple as recognizing your living space and answering the query, “How much space will a shuffleboard table take up?” 

Remember to test your home to ensure that the table components you’re interested in can safely pass through doorways and hallways. Then, ensure enough space for participants to play shuffleboard without being obstructed (2 feet is ideal). With all this in mind, finding the ideal shuffleboard for your home is possible, and you’ll be happy with the product.

What is the Best Size for a Shuffleboard Table?

When it comes to purchasing shuffleboard, table dimensions are a crucial issue. Ideally, the largest table the room can accommodate should choose.

Besides the size of the table, the size of the room and the entrance to the room should also be considered. Of course, the required clearance around the shuffleboard table should factor into the room size.

The playfield and the cabinet are the two main components of a shuffleboard table. Although most cabinets can be dismantled into smaller pieces, The playing field is frequently one block of wood.

Considering that the playing field can be huge and substantial, doors and passageways must be broad enough to let people pass across.

The width of the shuffleboard table affects one’s playing style as well.

What Size Shuffleboard Table Should You Purchase?

Tables for Small Gatherings: 9 to 12 Feet

Small shuffleboard tables are a cost-effective solution ideal for a relaxed style of play. The player has a lot of control over the puck in this situation.

The trade-off is that the fastest waxes can’t use on these tables since the game will zoom over the table and maybe over the side. Small shuffleboard tables will have pucks that are proportionate to the table’s size and may also be narrower.

As a result, tables in this size range are appropriate for youngsters to use even when an adult does not supervise them.

Shuffleboard Tables with a Medium Length of 14 to 16 Feet

Mid-length shuffleboard tables can be enjoyable to play; however, they are geared towards more serious players and also possess enough space to hold the bigger table.

If you intend to play regularly, a table with a middle size is better than a smaller one.

Furthermore, with these decks, faster sealants can be used, and there is more room to try out unique pictures.

Shuffleboard Tables, Full-Length: 18 to 22 Feet

Shuffleboard tables that are fully extended are works of beauty. These large tables are ideal if you intend to play with a group; what’s the point of investing in a large, expensive table if you’re only going to play by yourself?

These tables are not only perfect for one’s national association but also vital to have if you plan on playing frequently.

Playing on a long table is more enjoyable and stressful because it allows you to use rapid waxes, putting your skills to the test.

What Is the Shuffleboard Table’s Height?

The lengths and widths of shuffleboard tables vary significantly. On the other hand, the height difference between smaller and larger tables is quite minimal.

In most cases, a board can be between 30″ and 32″ tall. As well how the leg levelers are adjusted depends on the depth of the playing surface.

What Is the Shuffleboard Table's Height

The tables with smaller sizes are slightly more than 30″ tall. The longer tables will measure around 32″ tall, measured in relation to floor height and wax-coated playing area. 

A majority of high-quality shuffleboard tables have leg levelers. Players can make use of these to level the table when playing on uneven flooring.

What is the Width of a 12-foot Shuffleboard Table?

The playing field’s width varies between 16″ and 20″ depending on the table’s length.

While some smaller tables may only have a 15″ wide playing field, regulation-size shuffleboard tables are 22 feet long and feature a 20″ wide playing surface.

A 16″ broad playing surface is standard on a 12 ft. Shuffleboard table, with the overall width of the table being around 24″. When the clearance around the table is considered, a 12 ft long table will require a room at least 6 ft (72″) wide.

What Is the Weight of a Shuffleboard Table?

A narrower table would be expected to weigh less than a larger table. However, the tables that are 9 feet long are traditionally the smallest on the street, and they also weigh the least.

Estimately, a rough estimate would have been between 250 and 350 pounds, implying that although being less than larger tables, a 9-foot table would still require several people to lift. Tables 12–14 feet long should weigh between 400 and 600 pounds.

Although the tables in this collection are still categorized as modest, they may be fairly weighty, as you can see.


Shuffleboard is a fantastic way to pass the time after a hard day while also getting some physical and mental activity.

Different table sizes are meant to accommodate different players, so it’s important to pick intelligently. However, the shuffleboard table dimensions are different, but it depends upon the space you have in your house for indoor games. 

I hope from the above article you have clarified everything about the shuffleboard dimensions. 

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