Surprising Celebrities ​Who Love Playing Ping Pong

6 Surprising Celebrities ​Who Love Playing Ping Pong

Some celebrities have a strong interest in playing ping pong. Their love for the sport probably stems from their self-confidence.

More than 12 million people play ping pong, which keeps growing. A survey showed over 250 million people who play ping pong professionally, while another survey found over 21 million active amateur players of the game. 

While some of them may be professional players, many of them love to play and compete daily as they love playing Ping Pong as much as they watch nature documentaries or read comic books.

In this post, we will be talking about and featuring the most unexpected celebs who had an interest in ping pong. 

Top Surprising Celebrities ​Who Love Playing Ping Pong

With the appeal of playing paddle tennis growing, some celebrities have started to play tennis for fun. In other words, they make an entertaining appearance by playing ping pong. We have mentioned the list below of the top celebrities who love to play ping pong!

1 – Ex-President Barack Obama

Ex-President Barack Obama

The relationship between Obama and Ping Pong is one of the most famous and controversial in sports. He especially liked to play with the world champion, and he always won because he had a great advantage; he got a lot of help from the strategy of the flying four on the table.

Barack Obama played ping pong with some friends and became the first American President to beat the Asian champion. Since then, he became extremely popular amongst Americans, especially from the USA and Canada. He did not just play tennis but also a sport in general – hockey, lacrosse, and swimming (Canada Olympic medalist). 

2 –  Susan Abigail Sarandon

Susan Abigail Sarandon

Putting Susan Sarandon on the Court isn’t easy. She is one of the most famous actresses globally, and she is also a very good tennis player, but it was never her goal to be a sports star. After graduating from high school, she decided that being famous meant more than just being a celebrity. Susan Sarandon chose to pursue her dreams in life and has been successful enough to become one of Hollywood’s most renowned actresses.

Susan loves to play ping pong, and she frequently goes to tournaments to practice with her friends. She can play for hours, and if you want this awesome lady, you should invite her over for a game! Just remember that Susan wasn’t born with these skills…

3 – Liu Guoliang

Liu Guoliang

Liu Guoliang loves to play ping pong, and that’s why he uses the internet to play it with friends. But the internet is not enough for him, and so he needs other people who can provide him with real ping pong experience.

Liu loves ping pong, which is why he also plays competitively. He knows that if you beat your opponent, the game ends by default. So the first thing he does when someone asks him if he wants to play ping pong is no, but then he quickly changes his mind and says that he would like to play!

4 – Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam

Ping pong is one of the favorite sports played in the US. Pearl Jam’s “Backspacer” album came out in 1998 and was an instant hit with both fans and critics. The song was about Pearl Jam’s experience exploring creative options with their music and live performances, such as playing ping-pong at concerts and shows. 

The album also featured a video for the song “Light It Up,” where the band played ping-pong at a pool party while drinking champagne. In 2012, the group released its third studio album titled “Rolling Stone,” which won two Grammy Awards, including Best Rock Album and Best Rock Performance.

5 – Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is one of the most famous American sports players. He started his career in the NFL at a young age and has been captain of the New England Patriots from 2002 to the present day. It seems that Tom Brady enjoys playing ping-pong more than football games. 

He’s also one of the most well-known and popular sports stars, and his favorite pastime is playing ping pong. People sometimes ask him to play ping pong with them on vacation, but he always refuses because he loves to play football. You can imagine how much fun he would have in ping pong and how good it would be for his health!

6 – Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo

Andrea Pirlo (A multi-millionaire Italian footballer) loves playing ping pong. His goals against his opponents at the training ground and in matches he plays with his team on the court reflect this.

Andrea Pirlo has been considered one of the best midfielders globally, and he is an amazing player at ping pong. He’s consistently played below par compared to other players with his talent and ability to play at the top level, but his love for Ping Pong is something no player should ever forget. His love for this game is one of the reasons why this article was written.


Ping Pong is a game invented by an American basketball player known as the “King of Sports.” However, it is a great activity during the summer months that you can play with your friends and family. And you can also play in any indoor or outdoor space.

We have mentioned surprising celebrities who love playing ping pong that you might know if you are also a ping pong player!

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