What is Shuffleboard Wax?

Every player of shufflebboard wants to know about why the wax is important to play smoothly and what is it. I commonly see the confusion between players. Thats why here i come up with the answer of what shuffleboard wax is.

The wax of the shuffleboard is an essential accessory that also known as sand or dust. It is the powder that makes the shuffleboard table surface smoothly to enhance the pucks. 

This is why every regular player of shuffleboard needs their wax to make the pucks slide more smooth. So, if you want to know more about what is shuffleboard wax, keep reading on below!

All About Shuffleboard Wax

The shuffleboard wax is one of the essential accessories in the game and also knows sand, cheese, salt, and sawdust. It is used on the surface of the shuffleboard table to reduce friction between the table and the pucks, preserve the table thickness, and enhance the pucks’ speed while gliding across the table. 

Material of the Shuffleboard Wax

A wide range of materials can be used to make shuffleboard wax. The most common is the silicon beads, which are in the form of dry powder, as it reduces the friction that comes with the significant impact on the weights when they slide on the shuffleboard table. 

Most of the wax is a combination of silicone beads and cornmeal, which further slickens the table’s surface by making it smooth and adding extra speed.

Reasons to Use Shuffleboard Wax

No doubt using the shuffleboard wax is essential due to many good reasons. Playing without shuffleboard wax can allow your table to damage faster and reduce the level of thickness, a necessary attribute for good gameplay. The wax is also compromising for the table, especially if it is made with wood and has a traditional finish. 

Reasons to Use Shuffleboard Wax

Using the shuffleboard, wax should be sprinkled on the playing field instead of dousing it. By doing this, you can easily save your money because you do not have to brush it for the excess wax from the table’s surface.

Varieties and Brands of Wax

There is a wide variety of brands available regarding shuffleboard wax. Not all types of shuffleboard wax are the same. Different varieties of wax offer distinct speeds and varying degrees of gameplay. 

Players should be aware of the proper amount of shuffleboard wax to be used on the table’s surface. The difference in the level of friction that wax takes can be calculated with the numerical rating system. And with a combination of the two, or with the higher number and equals to a more significant number of reduction and a color-coding system. 

Therefore it is an excellent option to buy more than one brand of shuffleboard wax so you can use more to add more smoothness to the surface.

Best Shuffleboard Wax Brands

Well, who is the inventor of first shuffleboard table and wax? so if you want to know about the top best brands of shuffle board wax, keep on reading the content given below. 

1) SunGlo

The old name of Sun Glo shuffle board wax was known as SuperGlide. They manufactured the best shuffleboard wax made with the quality powderwhich is available in variety of speeds. Therefore, the players offer the chance to play with joy and engagement. 

Also, the Sun Glo shuffleboard brand offer the different packs likewise 16onz cans, 2 pack, 4 packs and 3 packs. However they provide the fastest and smooth wax that made your table more smooththan other wax. Only the drawback of the brand is that they are not offering the accessories with the Sun-Glo shuffleboard table.

Why Choose Sun Glo?

  • Assures the free glide action , best option for table games.
  •  Very fast powdered wax, different grades of powdered wax effect the speed of wax.
  • Super fast with no clumping.
  • Offer better accuracy on 12 foot shuffle board tables.
  • Best customer service.

2) Triple Crown

Triple Crown is a very well known brand of the powdered wax. You can choose the powder wax which are created from pure silicone beads. As it is a fast wax so makes the playing surface smooth for incredibly slicking with ease. 

A high speed is ideal for the more professional players because they are habitual of keeping their track of the pucks smooth and even while flying across the table. However the beginner have to face some issues in controlling the pucks to make accurate shorts. The only drwbacks of these powders we have they are very smooth and difficult to stay on the table.

Why Choose Triple Crown Brand

  • Ultra fast speed
  • Smooth gliding
  • Accurate shorts
  • Different grades in power wax

3) TopSports

Another well known shuffleoad brand is the TopSPorts. They are the famous brand who are produces the package of TopSports shuffleboard with great quality. 

Besides, the powders that they offer comes with the 12 oz cans, dust pan and mini broom. Also, we notices the kits arebest to offer recycling of the powder wax fro your first clean, and cleans the table with speed and efficiency.

They mostly manufacturers the medium speed owderd wax so it is ideal for small sized table from 9ft to 12 feet. With the use of the players get enough control over the pucks to make accurate shorts. 

However the only drawbacks of the Top Sports are they provide limited warranty of powders.

Why choose Top Sports powder wax?

  • Best for small tables
  • Recyclingof wax is possible
  • offer accurate shorts
  • Fast speed

What is Shuffleboard Wax made of?

The shuffleboard wax is made of silicone beads and cornmeal, which helps to slicken the surface, thus adding extra speed to the gameplay. 

What can you Use for Shuffleboard Wax?

You can use powder, salt, and dust: sawdust sand or cheese instead of shuffleboard wax. 

What is the difference between shuffleboard wax and sand?

There is no difference between shuffleboard wax and sand as both are the same things used for the same products.

Can you reuse shuffleboard wax?

It is possible to reuse the shuffleboard wax next time, but it is not an advisable option because the shuffleboard is made of silicon beads and becomes jagged and uneven when you use pucks on them.


So it would help if you spared your time to think about the length of your shuffleboard table and what level of the wax should be on it. The shorter table should use the lower-grade wax and sands while the more extended tables should be spread with high-grade resins to offer sufficient speed for each gameplay.

Shorter lengths need slow waxes but come with greater life spans. When shuffleboard tables lose their strengths and thickness, they need more waxing and higher grade wax to expose more smoothness and friction differences. So, the wax does not add thickness to the table but retains the table’s consistency for a longer time.  

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