Why Hasn’t Table Tennis Taken off in the US

Why Hasn't Table Tennis Taken off in the US

For an occasional spectator watching table tennis tournaments, it might be a bit overwhelming for you if you are passionate about table tennis. So, whether it’s live or on TV, it can be a bemusing experience and task. Like across table tennis, two people hit the ball very quickly, and after a while, any one of them instantly fails to return a shot. 

Well, the most rising question is, Why hasn’t table tennis taken off in the US? However, the speed and intensity of table tennis points indicate the game needs a bit of time to form up the tension like you will get the tennis rally, for example. 

There can be a blur of actions despite table tennis points having many points lasting only three hits, serve, return, and then the winning shot. Let’s discuss this in detail.

Image Problem of Ping Pong in America

There are few chances to experience table tennis across the professional gameplay in the US when you have played for a few minutes in your friend’s home or skipped the channel at two in the morning or at a local community center. Still, the game has hardly taken off in the US yet. 

There are various positive reasons why table tennis hasn’t taken off in the US.

Table Tennis as a Forest Gump

Table tennis game is considered to be as unfairly acquired as a stereotypical sport for greeks. When Canon O Brien 2012 tweeted in London Olympics that athletes in the Olympics are issued 15 condoms each. But for table tennis players, 14 condoms would be too many. 

That was the main reason it symbolized in a wider way. That’s why the sport is perceived in the US.

Public Perceptions

Regarding table tennis games, very different public perceptions might stand in the way of the progress and growth of table tennis for the mainstream appeal in the US. The reason is that there are no well-known ping pong players who belonged to the United States of America as supporting heroes in the history of table tennis

In 1988 the game was introduced as a summer Olympics, and to date, America has failed to receive even a single medal by that time. Despite all that, China has dominated in the field of table tennis as Chairman Mao. Even they announced it as a national sport. For example, in 2016, China wined all the gold medals in ping pong.

Many national supporting heroes took and showed interest and buzz in the game of table tennis. Even many did not pay any attention to the sport ever before. You can have the idea by looking at the cycling candidate Lance Armstrong and Micheal Phelps swimming before the doping scandal ruined their legacy. 

Moreover, these world-leading and beating athletes brought a new and innovative motivation and inspiration that hadn’t been seen before and traditionally attracted many followings. You can look at the recent effect of the three annual ping pong tournaments in the US.

Sporting players and heroes are a great way to advertise and grow ping pong games. It helps to bring you money and takes your skills in this game to the next level, which is spent to produce interest in the game. 

Therefore, ping pong game requires paying attention and focusing on producing a new generation of brilliant new players who can overcome Chinese and thus produce new thrill and excitement in the game. 

Bright Future of Ping Pong Ahead

Luckily there are many positive symptoms that the ping pong game is growing on-trend and gained popularity at the highest level. That is why the game is attracting more and more players in many countries all over the world. Three huge table tennis tournaments have been held in the US recently. 

  • US Open and US nationals bring together more than 800 players in one year each.
  • North American Team championship motivates thousands of players.

Growth of Table Tennis at the Social Level

Table tennis is getting nourishment and growth on the social level in the United state by the crucial ladder to take it to the national level. Also, they take it on the road to success with the help of specific bars. However, the spin in the ping pong game introduces new players to the world of table tennis. 

Ping Pong is a Great Tool to Bring People Together

However, despite the glamour of the Olympic games, the national heroes, and prime-time television ping pong games can play a very imperative role in getting people together related to different fields and games, from beginners to professional players of all age groups. 

Despite being relatively hard to master skills in ping pong, the game is incredibly easy to learn and pick. All you need the important gear is a table tennis racket, a table tennis top, and a ball, and you are ready to dive into the game.

To go on with this game, you can place many tables in the club or community hall, for example, low-impact games and non-contact playing style as it is the best option in games for those who are elderly and those with disabilities. 

At the grass store level, the game’s development can bring people and players of all ages to one platform and be a great tool to fit and healthy individuals. 


So to wrap up, why hasn’t table tennis hasn’t taken off in the US? Table tennis game is a paradoxical sport in many ways. It is very simple to play and pick up and introduce new players. However, there are many intricacies, complications, and intensity speeds at the elite level in the game. It is hard enough for the casual spectator to encourage the game. 

Furthermore, it is a game for those who have a passion for growing the game as a hobby and game and is dedicated to the fan base worldwide, especially in Europe and Asia. 

Therefore, ping pong will never challenge huge sports like baseball, football, and basketball in the US. Still, as the game is growing on trend and gaining popularity, it will bring more appreciation to the world players due to its great playing style.   

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